Love, Shelbey: NEW Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NEW Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

It's finally here! In case you are wondering what this fancy new "Complexion Rescue" stuff is, allow me to elaborate (in this entire post). Complexion Rescue was just added to Bare Minerals line of face products. It's described as a "tinted hydrating gel cream" with SPF 30 and is supposed to improve skin hydration by 215% - yes please!

Complexion Rescue ($29) comes in 10 brand new shades - ones you will not find in the regular line of colors so you may need to get shade matched again (although it is fairly easy to figure out what your color will be!)

The "Smoothing Face Brush" ($28) was also launched with Complexion Rescue. It has a dome shape and dense duo fiber bristles which were designed for tinted moisturizer or foundation.
The shade I went with was "Tan 07", which is unusual for me but I have been using a pretty dark self tan lately and felt that this was my best option. If you need guidance on how to choose your shade based on the original or serum foundation, here is my recommendation:

Complexion Rescue "Opal 01" (similar to "Fair" in Original and "Bare Porcelain" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Vanilla 02" (similar to "Fairly Light" in Original and "Bare Linen" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Butter Cream 03" (similar to "Light" in Original and "Bare Ivory" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Suede 04" (similar to "Medium" in Original and "Bare Satin" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Natural 05" (similar to "Medium Beige" in Original and "Bare Natural" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Ginger 06" (similar to "Golden Medium" in Original and "Bare Nude" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Tan 07" (similar to  "Tan" in Original and "Bare Tan" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Spice 08" (similar to "Golden Tan" in Original and "Bare Sand/Caramel" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Chestnut 09" (similar to "Golden Dark" in Original and "Bare Walnut" in Bare Skin)
Complexion Rescue "Sienna" (similar to "Deepest Deep" in Original and "Bare Espresso" in Bare Skin)
The texture of this product is very unique. It is described as a "gel to cream" formula and has a finish somewhere in between dewy and matte. I love the way it instantly smooths your skin and gives a blurred appearance. 

As far as the lasting power goes, I wore it for three hours without noticing any transfer or need to touch up. I did a pretty intense workout and it held up through it as well...I was impressed.

The application of the brush was the only disappointment I had. The Smoothing Face Brush just seemed to apply the product patchy and sheer. I switched to the Precision Face Brush and immediately noticed quicker and even coverage. If you already own the Precision Face Brush I would highly recommend using it with Complexion Rescue!
Overall I'm a fan! It's a really unique product that I feel will appeal to everyone. The lasting power and finish were what really sold me! I can't wait for everyone to try it and let me know their feedback!

Complexion Rescue and the Smoothing Face Brush should be launching on or before January 22nd!


  1. This seems like the perfect spring/summer foundation. Can't wait to check this out!

  2. Would you say this is a good substitute for the "no makeup" makeup look? I'm really excited to try it out!

  3. I to hope it's a great substitute for the no makeup look...

  4. I'm so excited to try this out! My hometown boutique carries this, so I'll be able to get it soon!

  5. i wear bare shell 02 in bare skin...what shade of this would you recommend? also what do you think about layering this will bare skin?

  6. Hmm. I just had to throw my Garnier BB cream due it breaking me out. I bet this would work far better. And I totally need something simpler for work. This might fit the bill. Thank you for this post! You're the best Bare Minerals inside scoop!!

  7. I've been using this for 2 days. I put it over my moisturizer. It looks great and gives me a healthy glow.

  8. Your face looks absolutely lovely! Also what lipstick/gloss were you wearing in this picture ..its stunning! thank you!

  9. Love the videos and blog! My concern with this has been I have some redness on my cheeks. What I do is let the first layer set then dab some on the red with my finger and it takes care of it. I use the real techniques expert face brush, I'm going to try it with the precision face brush next time. The finish is a little different at first because it is more dewy than I usually do, but I do like it a lot as I get used to it :)

  10. So would you use primer along with this or only this product? Thanks for your videos!!

  11. Thank you so much for including the shade matches in their other products, I'm shopping online and it really helped me out! Although the comments seem a little old in case someone new was wondering, I saw online a user suggested mixing some of the foundation powder directly into your liquid face base of choice. It helps to bump up the coverage, still keeps the makeup light and not cakey, helps with the staying power and it gives a satin finish to the skin. This is a tip I wanted to try out and sounds like it would be good for those of you seeking a little extra coverage.

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  15. Thank you so much for doing a shade comparison with the original foundation. I've been searching the internet for this info to help me decide which shade to buy since we can't go into stores to try it now due to covid. This is incredibly helpful!

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