Love, Shelbey

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Super excited to share this look with you guys today! I've been participating in Aeropostale's latest social media challenge called "#aeronow" which inspires us to all embrace our current lives and living in the present. Aero challenged the question, "Are you who you were a year ago?" to all followers and fans and received thousands of awesome responses. Just like we as humans change, Aero's entire fashion line has also changed. You can now shop a whole new intriguing look with pieces from Bethany Mota, Pretty Little Liars, and more! 

Am I who I was a year ago? Well, for starters you probably wouldn't have found me in a camo crop top. I love how my style is evolving and even though I still choose to keep my looks simple, I like to make more of statement with them now. As far as physical changes go, I ditched the bright auburn red and hopped on the blonde wagon!
Camo Crop Tank: c/o Aeropostale//Blue Jean Vest: c/o Aeropostale//High Waist Shorts: Forever 21//Black Flip Flops: Lauren Conrad//Faux Leather Wrap Watch: c/o Aeropostale

By the way, say hello to the new family puppy, Diesel. He is just too cute to handle most of the time ;)