Love, Shelbey: Nightmare Review: The Bronze Buffer

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nightmare Review: The Bronze Buffer

Apologies for the stock image above but I just couldn't imagine spending the time to photograph something I had such a negative experience with. I don't think I have ever potentially written a negative review on my blog before, however, I would consider this more of a public warning to viewers.

Quite a few months ago I purchased the Bronze Buffer packette from Sephora. This is a pack that comes with two white sponges that are supposed to instantly remove self tanning mistakes or faded self tan. They look and feel EXACTLY like Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. As a matter of fact, I searched the ingredients of these sponges and couldn't come up with ANYTHING. So, we could probably say they are the same thing as Magic Erasers. I used them multiple times in small areas such as on my elbows, ankles, and fingers with no problems. It wasn't until I used it all over my arms last month that I discovered a BIG problem.
I really had to debate if I even wanted to write about this but after reading several similar experiences online, I felt I wasn't going crazy or having a personal reaction to it. 

After briefly rubbing the wet bronze buffer on my arms, I began to notice a severe stinging. At this point, I had already rubbed it all over my right arm. I stopped rubbing and began to notice large red marks appearing all over my arms (hence the awkward semi-chopped off arm photos above). The burning sensation only got worse and had a similar feel of hardcore carpet burn or hot tool burn.

Immediately I stopped using it. I thought it would be a quick pain that would go away in a few minutes.....wrong. It continued to burn the entire day. I had to wear long sleeves to cover up the bright red marks. The marks were even still tender on day two. On the third day it began to almost "scab" over or dry up. My entire arm felt like sand paper and I would apply Aquaphor (petroleum jelly) to the marks day and night.

Overall, it took two weeks for the marks to completely disappear. I don't know how this product is even suitable to be marketed for use on the skin or body. If you're considering this as a self tanning remover, I would look elsewhere. Mine are now in the dump!

Have you guys tried the Bronze Buffer? What were your experiences? 


  1. Oh my goodness ! I hope your arm has healed ok!

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