Love, Shelbey: NARS Audacious Lipstick "Raquel"

Monday, August 25, 2014

NARS Audacious Lipstick "Raquel"

NARS has just released a brand new line of long lasting full coverage lipsticks to their fall line called "Audacious Lipsticks". The claim is that these are "one stroke" full coverage lipsticks which glide on with a creamy finish. I was intrigued by these because I've never been a "huge" fan of their lip products. Although, something attracted me to these!

With a price of $32 bucks a pop, I decided to put one to the test and see whether it was worth the hype. I chose the shade, "Raquel" which is described as a pink-beige.
I have to say, the "one swipe for full coverage" claim is dead on! The finish is full and creamy. There's no "shine" factor to these, just a nice cream/satin finish but the opacity is fabulous!

I have to also mention the packaging because it is so dang clever! You basically have a black square tube which isn't very compact by any means. However, when you go to place your cap back on, the tube magically snaps it securely into place (a magnet is obviously involved somewhere.) I just love that! I actually look forward to using this lipstick just for the packaging!
Wearing NARS "Raquel" Audacious Lipstick
In regards to the long wearing claim, I would give my total lasting powder a good 4 hours, even after eating. These definitely aren't "all day wear" lippies but will give you a pretty good stretch before you have to reapply.

After about two hours I notice the cream finish tends to disappear and it turns into more of a matte look. The lasting power is still there, just less creaminess on the lips.

Overall I have NO complaints, which is a shocker. The shade selection is amazing (30 to choose from)! The big question is have a tried lipsticks that are the same or just as good for a cheaper price? Absolutely! If you're feeling a bit "splurgy" (new word, perhaps?) I wouldn't tell you not to buy one of these babies. They're expensive, but good, and that's about all I can say!


  1. Love your blog and videos! What would be your picks for the less expensive, but just as long lasting lip products?

    1. I love all of NYX's Lip Products! Their Matte Lipsticks have a similar finish to these NARS ones (maybe slightly less creamy) but I bet you could find a shade similar to this one in that collection!

  2. This is a pretty color on you!

  3. I bought Raquel as well and it's gorgeous! I'm in love with it.
    Your makeup is really pretty. Do you mind if I ask what you're wearing on your eyes? :) x

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