Love, Shelbey: Bare Minerals Butter Cream Marvelous Moxie Glosses

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bare Minerals Butter Cream Marvelous Moxie Glosses

I am so excited about this post and I'm also hoping it will help those of you who have been interested in this product! Bare Minerals has officially released a non-tingling Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss subtitled Marvelous Moxie "Buttercream"!

As of right now, these are only being sold at ULTA. The price still remains at $18 and there are 12 shades to choose from! I picked up "Forbidden Nude" which is described as a "buffed pink" and "Must Have Pink" which is described as an "antiqued pink". 
Marvelous Moxie Buttercream in "Forbidden Nude"
I'm a huge fan of cream finish glosses, especially nudes. They always tend to be more opaque than shimmers or metallic finishes. 

"Forbidden Nude" is a gorgeous nude pink. I would definitely say it is more on the pink side, but a beautiful pink to say the least. I'm loving this shade.
Marvelous Moxie Buttercream in "Must-Have Pink"
Since there were no online swatches of the glosses, I had to purchase on a whim. "Must-Have Pink" is described as an "antiqued pink" shade. To be honest, I have no clue what that means in reference to a gloss. To me, it is a berry pink with a sheer to medium finish.
The formula is amazing. These glosses glide on smoothly and actually provide more moisture than the original Moxies in my opinion. These two particular shades have a sheer to medium finish on my lips (which are pretty pigmented.)

I think these do give the appearance of a fuller lip. Even though there is no tingling taking place, the super creamy formula gives the illusion of fuller lips!

These taste exactly like Bare Minerals 100% Natural Glosses. It's a bit of an odd taste - nothing off putting, but not my favorite. I definitely prefer the original Moxie flavor!

I WANT MORE! I love the creamy finish these glosses provide. Moxie formulas are my absolute favorite and I would gladly add more shades to my collection. Lip plumper haters unite (although I don't mind) now is your time to shine!


  1. Looking to get some of these, thanks for swatches!

  2. I was debating over these exact two colors! Thanks so much!

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