Love, Shelbey: Affordable Kylie Jenner Lip Combos

Friday, July 11, 2014

Affordable Kylie Jenner Lip Combos

I posted a video yesterday talking about two amazing lip combos I found from NYX that resembled Kylie Jenner's infamous lips lately and wanted to share them with you on here!

ULTA recently had 40% off NYX Cosmetics which is definitely my favorite drugstore brand. While sifting through my must-haves online, I noticed that there were a couple lipstick and lip liner shades that would work for a "Kylie lip". Since they were dirt cheap I had to add them to my cart.
This is probably my favorite combo out of the two. I'm more of a mauve undertone kind of gal when it comes to my lip products and I absolutely love this combo. Kylie Jenner's lipstick is generally more of a satin finish. It isn't totally matte but definitely not glossy. Even though these lipsticks say they're "matte", they do have a sheen to them. Here I am wearing NYX "Peek-a-Boo Neutral" Lip Liner and "Whipped Caviar" Matte Lipstick.
Since Kylie doesn't always stick with a mauve/plum undertone, I wanted to find shades that embodied more of her warmer brown lip colors. I found NYX Lip Liner in "Natural" and Matte Lipstick in "Euro Trash" (odd name, I know). I think she probably has something a bit more brown but I personally don't think browns look too appealing on me! This is the perfect warm neutral tone!

It's been said that Kylie actually wears "Whirl" Lip Liner and "Faux" Lipstick by MAC. However, I wanted to find some affordable options for you guys to try out first! Hope you like them!

I also filmed a video over these looks if you'd like to check it out!


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