Love, Shelbey: First Impression: Bare Minerals Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment

Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Impression: Bare Minerals Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment

Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to share a quick post over the new Bare Minerals Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment ($55). I just got this product a couple days ago so I can't exactly do a full review over it, but I can let you know what my first impressions have been. Enjoy!
What Does This Do?:
The Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment was designed to "diminish the appearance of dark spots and discoloration while brightening the skin with a mineral treatment".

What I've Noticed So Far:
This product definitely does give your face a slight glow. The box says it is infused with a term called"white sapphire" (fancy) to create this glowing effect. According to the ingredients, it also contains "Red Mangrove" extract which is supposed to create a skin illuminating effect as well.
What I'm Thinking - So Far:
I've really enjoyed using this, especially for the glow factor. I was worried that it may irritate or sting my skin based on the fruit acids it contains, however, it doesn't (and I have very sensitive skin). I try not to focus it near the drier parts of my face (under my nose and my chin) just because I feel like it does have almost a "toning" sensation when applied, which is probably the acids.

I'm obviously going to have to keep using this product to give you guys feedback on the complexion improvement claim. I've only used it three times so I won't be seeing results for a couple more weeks. However, it does feel great on my skin, almost refreshing. And like I mentioned, I love the glow it gives!

I'll be keeping you guys posted! 
Thanks for reading!
Until next time...


  1. this brightening treatment definitely is intriguing, specially since they use other ingredients other than shimmer to create a brightening effect. I can't wait til you fully review it :) hopefully since it's a mineral treatment it will make your skin better :) i'm a huge bareminerals junkie and I love reading your blog and watching your videos because I know you share the same passion :)

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