Love, Shelbey: 5 Products That'll Have You Glowing All Winter

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 Products That'll Have You Glowing All Winter

Hi, guys! Welcome back! Lately I've been so into keeping my skin looking healthy and fresh. I'm naturally VERY pale and when winter hits, it's easy for my skin to get a little on the dull side. Today I wanted to share some products I've been using to help perk up my overall "glow", if you will. Enjoy!

This has sort of been a lost treasure of mine. These two shades are the perfect combination of warmth and glow. The soft pearlescent highlight gives your eyes a brighter effect, while the natural warm hues of the bronze shadow gives your skin warmth.
I've talked about this product before, many times on the blog. This is my all time favorite highlighter. It works on all skin tones and delivers the prettiest glowing cheeks I've ever seen. A lot of times, I will use this as a highlight on my brow bone, it works fabulously to give your skin a gorgeous highlight!
I haven't been using this product long, but I definitely am loving it! Ever since my high school days with Jergen's Natural Glow, I gave up on "gradual tanning" lotions. Luckily, I had heard this one was very natural and my Mom snagged it up for me this Christmas. It applies very easily and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. Another bonus is that it dries so quick. I hate waiting for lotions to dry, especially when I'm in a hurry. It gives my skin a natural "tint", rather than turning it another color. You can notice a slight warmth in your skin when you use this.
My skin is always in need of hydration. The NYX Dewey Finish Setting Spray gives my skin a nice burst of moisture, plus it seals my makeup in place, leaving a glowing finish. I like that this doesn't take away from your makeup - it blends everything together really nicely and leaves you feeling fresh!
 This product is going to be specifically for the ladies who need some serious color on the facial area. Faux Tan Face is a light weight gel that you can apply alone, or mix with moisturizer to give your face a boost in color. My personal favorite way to use it is with my daily moisturizer. For me, it normally washes off at night, which I like so I'm not re-layering self tanner on my face the next day!

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