Love, Shelbey: What I've Learned From Blogging

Friday, May 31, 2013

What I've Learned From Blogging


I started my blog about a year ago with no expectations whatsoever. I enjoyed writing in what I considered to be my "online beauty diary". 

Now, here I am. Writing posts 4-5 times a week, answering beauty and fashion questions daily, meeting new people, learning online marketing strategies, and recollecting every HTML skill I gained during My Space days. This is what I've learned from Love, Shelbey.

  1. I really love to write.
  2. Just because I think a post is fabulous, doesn't mean the next person will.
  3. Pinterest & Instagram are my best friends.
  4. Hash tags are also my helpful little buddies.
  5. Writing helpful posts can't help others unless you advertise, advertise, advertise (Social Media, Linkups, Ads etc.)
  6. I've learned a plethora of blogger "lingo".
  7. I've discovered that  linkups have lead me to some of my favorite blogs and bloggers.
  8. Passion Fruit Ads RULE.
  9. "You get what you give": Early I learned that spending 5 minutes on a post never showcased my writing abilities, nor did it appeal to readers. Put your heart and soul into it.
  10. People will stare when you take fashion photos in public...time to throw on the "shameless fashion blogger hat."
  11. Writing back to your readers leaves the best impression for yourself and your blog. Who wants to visit a blog with awesome tips but can never get a simple question answered?
  12. That dang layout is never good enough!
  13. You can never have too many social media platforms. This is a "Sorry I'm not sorry" moment.
  14. When visiting other blogs, make an effort to let the owner of the blog know what you love about it. This really gives an idea about what to improve on or keep writing about.
  15. Popular brands, companies, and bloggers are watching you
  16. Know when to turn down a "freebie" when it absolutely does not apply to your blog's theme.
  17. Sponsor blogs you truly enjoy reading!
  18. I get what I like to call, "blogger anxiety" - When you haven't had time to post in 2 days and you feel like a blogging failure...well not really but you get the picture.
  19. The Fashion and Beauty Community, in particular, is so encouraging!
  20. Blogging has taught me to really put myself out there. It creates a type vulnerability I've never experienced before.
  21. Reading comments can literally make my day.
  22. Once you stop comparing the numbers, checking the earnings, and gathering stats, it gets a lot funner.
  23. Ideas that I've just let come naturally have been some of my most-read posts. If I have to force an idea, I normally end up not blogging for that day.
  24. HTML can die....jk I NEED YOU!
  25. Did I mention you must shamelessly promote yourself in order to gain those awesome readers?!
  26. Collaborations, ad swaps, guest posts etc. all show that you're not just in the blogging "biz" for yourself.
  27. People like reading about your personal life every now and then.

I always knew I never wanted to be a nurse or a doctor, which are just a couple examples of professions that help people. Here on my blog I've learned my own style of helping others. It sounds crazy but I truly believe that I do. I receive questions from readers all throughout the day and in the middle of the night from people all around the world. I love the feeling of being able to help others in my own way and I'm so glad that blogging has given me that opportunity.

Until next time...


  1. I absolutely agree with everything you said. The plethora of blogger lingo cracks me up because prior to blogging I had no idea it existed!

    1. Haha...gotta love it! Thanks for reading!


  2. This was inspiring! Especially as someone who is currently battling the "afraid to put herself out there" aspect of blogging. Keep doing what you do cause I love it!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Like I said, I love reading comments from everyone! :) Don't be afraid to let others know about the great things you have to say.

      xo- Shelbey

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