Love, Shelbey: My Skincare Routine: Dry Skin

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Skincare Routine: Dry Skin

Hi guys! Hope you're having a nice week! Let me just go ahead and tell you, it's not been over 34 degrees here in Tennessee for the past four or five days and I've been in such a gloomy mood. I've had a lot of important assignments due on top of meeting for advisement for next fall. So busy! 

Sorry I've been slacking on the posts! 
Anyways, I'm taking the time this evening to get one up I've been meaning to do for a while. This particular routine may not apply to everyone seeing that it is mainly for people with extremely dry skin.

I basically have dry skin 365 days out of the year. It's never ending. My face can NEVER get enough moisture. If you've been struggling with dry skin or know someone who has, I hope this post can help you out. Enjoy!

P.S.- I used the natural lighting in my bathroom for a change rather than using the normal bright white background ;)

My current cleanser at the moment is of course, Bare Minerals. This is the "Deep Cleansing Foam" cream cleanser. I've had this since November and before I got it, I was using the Purifying Facial Cleanser, also by Bare Minerals. I have to be honest, I personally like the Purifying Cleanser better. However, I think if you're more into super rich cleansers, this is the one for you.

You only need about a pea-size amount of this cleanser. You basically get a little in your palm and activate it with water. It comes out almost like a clay mask or like a thick cream. It's very rich and lathery. I personally like the Purifying better because a.- you get a pump bottle b.- it lasts longer and c.-my face feels more refreshed and soft. However, they are both great cleansers!

Multi-Wrinkle Repair 
The Multi-Wrinkle Repair is Bare Minerals' newest anti-aging product. I've only been using this for about a month. Everyone always freaks out when I say I've been using an "anti-aging" product! The reason I wanted to give it a try was not only because it's a preventative treatment but also for the fact that I DO have small wrinkles under my eyes (argue all you want but they're there!)

The Multi-Wrinkle Repair has the consistency of a cream and a serum mixed together. You use it morning and night, all over the face. It definitely leaves my skin feeling soft! 

 If we're talking holy grail products, this would be in my top 5. The Bare Minerals "Purely Nourishing" moisturizers come in different formulas for different skin types. They include: Combo Skin, Normal to Dry, and Dry. The Dry Skin Cream is obviously the thickest of the bunch. It's so rich and moisturizing! If you're in need of a seriously luxurious moisturizer, then this is it. It's the only facial moisturizer I've found that honestly keeps my skin from flaking and irritated.

I apply this basically anytime my face is massively dry, nightly and morning routine, and underneath my makeup. This is probably my number one most recommended skincare product by BM.

Eye Cream
Currently, I've been using the Clinique "All About Eyes" eye cream. I'll be honest, I'm not crazy about it. However, it is fairly thick and moisturizing so I give it props for that. After I ran out of my Renew and Hydrate eye cream by BM, I happened to receive this eye cream in a spring collection makeup bag from Clinique. 

I have noticed that if my eyes are a tad bit puffy in the mornings it will help in the reducing factor.

Argan Oil I love my Argan oil. The one in particular I've been using is the Josie Maran 100% natural Argan Oil. I absolutely love it! This is another one of my go to products if my face is super dry, I even put it on top of my makeup if my skin starts to become flaky throughout the day (gross I know...dry skin probs ha) Of course, it is pretty oily (hence the oil part) but I personally like that in facial products due to the fact that my skin is like sponge and absorbs all the moisture it can get. 

I mainly go to this product when I need triple the moisture. It's a great fall and winter product!

Light Hydration
I've recently been using the Juice Beauty "Hydrating Mist". I received the mist in my Ipsy bag this month. I use it after I've applied all of my nightly facial products as somewhat of a toner and also right before I put on my makeup in the morning. It's so refreshing! 

I will have to say that the smell is NOT appealing to me. It has a VERY strong scent, almost like a musky floral scent (not a fan) other than that, I love it!

Emergency Product
I have one word for this bottle, lifesaver. Aquaphor is a product my mother has been using on me since I was a baby....probably since I was removed from the womb ha. I was born with a skin condition similar to eczema, called, "A-Topic Dermatitis" which was basically severe skin allergies. I was allergic to basically every type of food, animals, dust, pollen, heat (sun allergies) name it, my skin hated it.

Anytime my skin would become irritable, dry, or itchy, we just popped some Aquaphor on it and everything seemed to disappear (for that time being). I'm not joking when I say I don't know how I'd survive without it. Now, it is an ointment, so it is extremely greasy and thick. I only wear it at night and in VERY small amounts during the day, if I truly need it. I want to go ahead and mention that is is not a facial product and was not made for the face. It does contain mineral oil which is supposedly bad for your skin but has also been said to preserve the skin (not sure how that's bad but I've always heard mineral oil is the devil) 

It has not harmed my skin or my face out of the 20 years I've been using it so I definitely can vouch for how amazing it is. If you suffer from very dry skin or even eczema and have never tried this, I promise you, it will work.

Andddddd......that concludes my skincare routine! I bet you all are like "that girl uses a lot of crap on her face?" and my answer is, yes I most certainly do. If you don't have dry skin it may be hard to understand but these products honestly have helped my skin so much (minus the eye cream and mist...those are just current products) 

I hope this helped some of you out and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading! 
Until next time....



  1. If you have not tried CeraVe hydrating cleanser you might like it.

    1. I almost bought it a few months ago and noticed it was not paraben-free :(

  2. Hi there! Thanks for posting your skin care products. I have an eczema before but thanks to this natural eczema product treatment, It's works best for me and I am totally free from eczema now.

    Anyway , I would just like to hear your thoughts about using your skin care products. I am afraid that eczema would come back and shows up again after using different products on my skin. Well, I don't know if I should really be afraid. I am looking forward for your thoughts about it. Thanks and please, keep on posting. God bless Shelbey!

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