Love, Shelbey: Review: 2nd Love Cosmetics

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: 2nd Love Cosmetics

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for all the kind comments and encouragement lately! It means a lot to me. I want every post to be entertaining and helpful in some way. I'm so glad and excited to see and hear from new readers every day!

Today I am doing a full review over "2nd Love Cosmetics". I had never heard about this company until they reached out to me. They describe themselves as a "second generation cosmetic company". From my research on their web-site, it is easy to tell that the products are reasonably priced near drugstore range or less. 

To my knowledge, this is a developing brand. Being a somewhat "newbie" myself, I wanted to spread the word about this makeup brand and give you my honest thoughts on the products I tried. I hope you enjoy!
Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by "2nd Love Cosmetics" for consideration. All opinions remain my own.

Signature Lipstick in "Bubble Gum"
Being the lip junkie I am, I was pleased to see a lipstick among the products. This pink lipstick stays true to its name, "Bubble Gum". It's a perfect pink bubble gum shade with a slightly satin finish. Now, I normally save my pinks for the spring and summer, so this will be a nice little edition to have!
I also wanted to mention that most of the cosmetics aren't paraben free :( which I generally stay clear from. However, I am aware that many products I own and feature do contain parabens, it's nearly impossible to find a paraben free product at a drugstore price. However, on the bright side, I noticed that most of the products smelled like raspberries! It wasn't off-putting either. I really enjoyed the scent.

Find it HERE

Pout Plumping Lip Gloss in "Hot Spot"
 Ahh, the infamous "pluming lip gloss". With my stash of Buxom and Marvelous Moxies, it seems I will never stray from the plumpers! The first thing I noticed about this gloss was the scent. It has the exact smell of peppermint oil. When I applied it to my lips, I didn't notice a tingling sensation like I do with most plumping glosses. However, I could barely taste it (which I like). The color ended up being very sheer, even after 3 applications. I would definitely recommend using it with the lipstick rather than on its own.

You can find it HERE

Quick Stick Cream Blush

 This is a gorgeous color. I was so shocked at how flattering it actually was. I discovered it was a great dupe for my Tarte Cheek Stain in "The Perfect Rose". I can really see myself using this in the summer a lot for a peachy glow. The size is also great for a purse or makeup bag!

Talk about having pigment! This cream blush delivers some intense color. "Flutter" almost has a violet tint to it. When applied to the cheeks the color can be sheered out. Along with "Catalina", it does have some shimmer. However, it's nothing to dramatic! These cream blushes also smell like raspberries!

Find them HERE

"Fall in Love" Palette
 First of all, these are beautiful color options. I'm not much of a pink/purple type of girl but I like to go outside of the box at times. The packaging was different on this product. The shadows seemed to be in a plastic insert which I was not a fan of. I felt like it was a little on the cheap side. This whole palette contains 4 eye shadows and a blush trio.

The blushes were nicely pigmented. All color options were matte. One shade does show up completely white though. I'm not sure if it was meant to be somewhat of a highlight or just a tone-down shade for the other two bright blushes. Either way, I really liked the blush combination.

Eye Shadows
I will be completely honest, I was not extremely thrilled with the color pay off when the shadows were dry. Photographed above are the shadows dry (left) and the shadows when used wet/foiled (right). Using the shadows wet made SUCH a difference. You can see, when foiled, the intensity and color pay off is ten times better.

Find it HERE

Cream Gel Eye Shadows
I must start out by saying that these two colors are not choices I would personally use on the eyes. However, I know that 2nd Love Cosmetics does provide other color options for this type of product so I will just focus on the positive points ;) I love the concept of any cream eye shadow in a pot like this. They are so handy and can be used for priming the lids, base shadows, or just worn alone.

The texture was VERY creamy. Almost as good as the Maybelline color tattoo (which we all know I love to death) You have to warm the product up for a couple of seconds, but that's standard for most cream shadows anyways
 I personally think the name of this color is a little off. The cream is obviously yellow, not gold. However, I would imagine that it could work fine as a base for a gold (or obviously yellow) pigment. It does contain shimmer particles in the formula as well.

This color is definitely gorgeous. It comes off as more of a periwinkle blue. If you're looking for a unique blue shadow, I think this one would be great. It would work as a great base for a smokey blue eye or on a darker smokey eye with a pop of color on the lash line. Like "Goldie", it also contains shimmer particles.

Find them HERE

Overall Thoughts:
  • Most of the products seemed to hold a decent standard. I was definitely pleased with the lip products and blushes (both cream and powder). The texture of the cream shadows were great, although I would have personally loved some more neutral colors to show you all. Finally, the "Fall in Love" eye palette was intriguing as far as the appearance goes. The shadows weren't the most impressive on their own. However, they had great color pay-off when used wet. 
If you saw any products you think you may be interested in you can visit 2nd Love Cosmetics on their website at

I hope you all enjoyed this review!

Love, Shelbey


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