Love, Shelbey: Two Valentine's Day Looks for Less!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Valentine's Day Looks for Less!

Romantic or Casual? What fashion statements will you guys be making this Valentine's Day?
I don't know about you but one of my biggest addictions is Polyvore! I love designing fashion sets for different occasions or seasons. 

Here I created two Valentine's Day outfit options. However, they are on the pricier side so I wanted to find similar pieces you can get for a lot less! Enjoy!

I love this first set. This would definitely be my go-to for a night out to dinner on V-Day. The ankle booties keep the outfit very casual. I feel like pumps or platforms would be a little over the top for my taste and I also wouldn't want to distract from the classy collar detail on the dress. 

As for the rest of the look...keeping it simple is key. Especially when it comes to the makeup. Bold lips can be so beautiful and classy IF the eyes and overall face are neutral and soft.
Similar Look for Less:
  • Red Collar Dress: This dress was already a steal! Only $23 at !
  • Red Clutch (Original Price $685): My Find- HERE for only $35!
  • Black Booties (Original Price $130): My Find-$32.80 HERE 
  • Black Coat (Original Price $94): My Find- Only $24.50 HERE
  • Black Gum-Drop Earrings (Original Price $38) My Find- Only $8.90 HERE
  • Black Tights (Original Price $23): My Find- Only $2.99 HERE

Keeping it casual and cute! Almost 90% of the time this is the look I gravitate towards. Let's face it, your date would rather see you in something that is comfortable and wearable just in case you make a spontaneous decision to go bowling or catch a movie after dinner. Another reason I love this look is it's perfect for a dinner date with your girlfriends!

Again, for makeup, keeping everything soft and neutral is key! Soft pinks and creams are the focal point of this look!
Similar Look for Less:
  • Cream Neck-Tie Blouse (Original Price $163): My Find HERE for $17.80!
  • Mauve Skinny Jeans (Original Price $305): My find is only $15.80 HERE!
  • Nude Flats: (Original Price $235): My Find HERE! Only $14.99!
  • Cream Handbag (Original Price $1,773): My Find $35.90 HERE
  • Chunky Gold Chain Bracelet (Original Price $13): My Find- Get a pack of two for $14.07 HERE!
  • Pearl Stud Earrings (Original Price $800): My Find $6.00 HERE!

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick late-night post!
Love, Shelbey.


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