Love, Shelbey

Friday, March 23, 2018

My New Website

Hi friends! It's been a LONG minute since my last post on this blog. I started this site in my early college days and never thought it would amount to the views that it has today. As of November 2017, I switched my blog platform to Square Space. Throughout the past few years Blogger has become increasingly hard to work with. The image quality has rapidly declined and the platform itself has become outdated in what I am looking for.

I have a completely new site dedicated to not only beauty, but also other interests I have in my life, such as home, lifestyle, cooking, and style. This will officially be my last post for Love, Shelbey as I journey into growing my new website,

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed my posts here, even in the early days. I hope you will join me over on my new site for a more visually appealing experience and elevated content!

xo - Shelbey