Love, Shelbey: BECCA Cosmetics Sunlit Bronzer Collection

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

BECCA Cosmetics Sunlit Bronzer Collection

Becca Cosmetics has introduced their new line of Sunlit Bronzers which are described as, "neutral bronzers for every skin tone". There are 5 shades within the line, each retailing for $38 a piece.

The line is available on and on 4/2; following on 4/25 and launching in store during May.

(From left to right: Bali Sands, Capri Coast, Bronzed Bondi, Ipanema Sun, & Maui Nights

Bali Sands
Described for "fair to medium" skin tones but I believe it would work best for "fair to light" skin tones.

Capri Coast
Described for "light to medium" skin tones, which I agree with.

Bronzed Bondi
Described for medium skin tones. I also think this could be a lighter bronzer for tan skin tones.

Ipanema Sun
Described for medium to dark skin tones.

Maui Nights
Described for deep skin tones.

Bottom to top: Bali Sands, Capri Coast, Bronzed Bondi, Ipanema Sun, & Maui Nights

Overall Thoughts:

Color Selection: The shades in this bronzer range run quite golden to red in my opinion. Bali Sands could probably count as a "neutral" tone but I believe the rest run quite golden (Maui Nights runs very red.)

Application: These apply beautifully - a bit more on the sheer side, even the darker shades. I like layering the lighter two shades with Maui Nights; it really does give you a "just left the beach" look.

Finish: The bronzers do have a bit of shimmer in them but I don't pick up on them hardly at all.

Overall I am really enjoying these! I generally love a good Becca face product ;) Have you tried one yet?


  1. I'd probably go with the fourth one. The deepest one seems a bit too red for my complexion, but then again, you never really know what it looks like until you actually try it on! -JP

  2. I love how crisp and clean your blogpost and youtube channel are. You always get right to the point and share such detailed information on all the products that you share. You're such an inspiration!! Right now i'm trying to save a few bucks post VIB sale at Sephora but these bronzers are quite tempting!! Thanks for sharing with us :) -

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