Love, Shelbey: Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Shadow Stick "Au Revoir"

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Shadow Stick "Au Revoir"

I love "one and done" shadows, especially cream shadow sticks! I've been eye balling the Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks at Sephora for a while now. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from but I kept going back to the one called "Au Revoir" and finally broke down and got it!

On most days I prefer a simple shadow look with some winged liner. In the past, I haven't been blown away by Marc Jacobs beauty products (meaning they've just been ok) so I took a gamble on this little shadow stick hoping for the best.
Application - These glide on the skin without much effort and also have a cooling sensation once applied to the eye lid - it's refreshing!

Pigmentation - With a direct swatch to the hand you will get great pigmentation. However, you will have to layer on the eye lid if you plan on blending them out with a brush or your finger.

Longevity - You'll notice that these dry pretty quickly which helps with the lasting power. I had no problems with the color fading or wearing off throughout the day which was a big thumbs up!

Color - "Au Revoir" initially looked like a brownish pewter on my hand but on my eye lids it actually appears more on the grey side. Either way, it's a beautiful neutral shade.

Overall Thoughts - I wish I didn't have to layer product 2-3 times on the lid but I guess that just comes with my obsession of blending. My favorite part about this cream shadow is the cooling sensation you get once applied. I'm not sure if I will be rushing to pick up more of these based on the price. Once again, I wasn't mesmerized by this product. However, since it's pretty and will be used frequently ;)

Have you guys tried the Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks? Thoughts?


  1. What did you use to blend with Au Revoir in the crease? I've had my eye on Au Revoir for quite some time and this might push me to finally order it. I think this looks stunning on you!

  2. For the price, I think I'd prefer more pigmentation...I'm sure there are more pigmented cream shadows out there.

  3. If you want a great and easy shadow stick, check out NARS Velvet Shadow Sticks! They are AMAZING and so easy to use!! The shade Oaxaca would be beautiful on you, it's a pretty taupe.

  4. Thats such a pretty colour :) If I ever do a Sephora order I'll try remember to add this

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