Love, Shelbey: BUXOM Shadow Bar - Custom Eye Shadow Palettes

Monday, July 13, 2015

BUXOM Shadow Bar - Custom Eye Shadow Palettes

Buxom Cosmetics has released a brand new line of eye shadows you can completely customize to create your own 6-pan palette. You can also buy the shadows individually if you aren't down to commit to 6 shadows and if you just can't choose between all 40 shades, there are 3 pre-made palettes you can purchase for $40 as well

Each 6-pan palette retails for $40. The single shadows can be purchased for $14. Obviously, it's a better deal to just splurge and make your own palette ;)
Application: All shadows blended smoothly. I didn't notice any patchiness or fall out while experimenting with the colors. Some shades seemed to apply better with my finger  but most went on fine with a brush.

Pigmentation: ALL of the shimmer/metallic finish shadows were extremely pigmented! I can't express how buttery smooth they are. I would definitely invest in a few of them if you are looking into a palette. The matte and satin finish shades didn't seem to be AS pigmented but, don't get me wrong, they were still great quality - it's just hard to beat the consistency of the metallic finishes!

Colors: The full line contains 40 shades. I think that's definitely a great selection to choose from. There are several unique duo-chrome colors, basic neutrals and colorful options!

Wear: The formula of the shadows is supposed to be infused with "primer technology" so I made it a point to not wear primer anytime I wore the shades. I was impressed. I didn't notice any creasing despite my oily eye lids! The shades proved to hold up all day.

Overall Thoughts: I love these palettes and shadows! The formula is incredible. I wasn't disappointed with any of the shades and I love the "custom" concept. The size of the shadows are also larger than a standard shadow in a palette (ex. Urban Decay Naked Palettes)
Swatches (Top to Bottom): 24K Stilettos, Glitz Factor, Cool Caviar, Pure Platinum, No Faux & Patent Leather
Swatches (From Left to Right): Diamond Darling, Star Treatment, Bold Bling, Filthy Rich, Designer or Die, & Invite Only
Wearing "Invite Only" and "Bold Bling"

*Buxom provided me with these palettes and shadows as PR samples. All opinions remain my own


  1. I love the idea of being able to create you very own palette! You picked some gorgeous colors! The 2nd palette is my favorite!

    1. Thank you! I loved both palettes! the colorful shadows are definitely a bit more pigmented though!

  2. This is such a great idea! Also 24k Stilettos is BEAUTIFUL! Caught my eye right away. Love it!

    xoxo Mollie

  3. Hope I can get these in England. They look amazing. $40 is actually quite reasonable for six eyeshadows. Think it works out at about £20.

  4. Lovely colors. Create your own palette is a great idea!