Love, Shelbey: Colour Pop "Fox" & "Topanga" (Blush & Lippie Stick)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Colour Pop "Fox" & "Topanga" (Blush & Lippie Stick)

It's been a while since I hauled some Colour Pop products (seriously - they only had lipsticks and eye shadows the last time I ordered!) My mom and I placed an impulse order last week and I picked up a couple of the new blushes, highlighters (review soon), and a new Lippie Stick.

"Topanga" Lippie Stick immediately caught my attention. It seemed like my kind of summer color - not too bright but not too dull. "Fox" Super Shock Cheek blush is a shade that would definitely be considered outside my comfort zone at first glance but my brain said, "give it a shot anyways."

Color: I would definitely describe this as a "color shifting" shade based on your skin tone. It will appear more red on fair skin, deep coral on medium skin and a dusty rose on tan to deep skin tones. I absolutely love it! as a matter of fact, I think I am OBSESSED! It's such a beautiful shade!

Wear: The longevity is on point. Colour Pop Lippie Stix can vary in how long they last depending on the color. "Topanga" lasts for a good 4 hours without touch up and leaves a beautiful stain to the lips.

Overall Thoughts: LOVE IT! I'm a huge fan of the shade and you can't beat the Lippie Stix formula!

Color: "Fox" is described as a mid-toned warm coral but I would say it pulls a bit more pink/fuchsia on my skin. Since CP's unique formula is almost a cream base, this shade applied more sheer on my skin which I was thankful for!

Wear: I was really impressed with how long this blush wore. It outlasted an entire sunday of church, errands and cooking out!

Overall Thoughts: I'm a fan! I normally go for subtle pinks or light peach blushes. I'm glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone on this blush because it truly is stunning!
Colour Pop has won me over yet once again! The unbeatable price and outstanding quality can't be denied! I'm ecstatic to see that brand grow in such a short period of time. If you haven't checked them out already, I would highly suggest that you do so!

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