Love, Shelbey: NEW NARS Dual Intensity Blushes

Thursday, March 26, 2015

NEW NARS Dual Intensity Blushes

I swear I had planned to blog about these WEEKS ago when they first released and somehow it slipped my mind. NARS recently launched a second edition to their Dual Intensity line by adding blushes with the already popular eye shadow formula.

Dual Intensity Blushes are a combination of high shine finishes consisting of two shades in each compact (most have a highlight and a blush) and 6 overall compacts within the line (12 colors total). The blushes retail for a steep price of $45 per compact.
Fervor was the first blush to catch my attention. It contains a sheer cotton candy pink blush/highlight (depending on your skin tone) and a shimmering maroon blush.

Unfortunately this ended up being the least flattering on my skin tone. Although I do think the shades are pretty, they definitely weren't for me.
The pigmentation was great in both shades, more so in the maroon color. As for the texture, I would describe all of the shades to be a buttery smooth powder formula. You can also ad water to increase the metallic shine!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jubilation! I would recommend it to all of the fair ladies out there who want a beautiful candlelit peach glow to the cheeks or a soft pale gold highlight. I wasn't sure how I would love these shades based on how light they are but I love the soft appearance on my fair skin!

If you are in the medium to darker skin tone range, I would look more into this compact for highlighting purposes!
Like I said, these two shades offer a super soft effect to the cheeks but still provide pigmentation. Definitely a favorite out of the three I own!
I honestly can't decide between Jubilation or Frenzy as my favorite! I think I am most in love with Frenzy for the amazing sandy gold highlight which works perfectly on all skin tones. The hot tangerine blush is also super gorgeous!

I think this compact will appeal to those who love really warm shades like corals and oranges but I would honestly recommend it just for the highlight!
Overall Thoughts: I'm actually really impressed with these blushes. Not only are they great quality, they're also super unique since you can wet them and also wear them as eye shadows. The price is a bit high, I would say they could at least be knocked down $10 less but by now I think we can expect a high price tag from NARS.

If none of these shades appealed to you be sure to check out the other three within the Dual Intensity Blush line. I really think there's something for everyone!

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