Love, Shelbey: Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation Review

Friday, March 27, 2015

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation Review

Last month a did a little splurgy spending on some Marc Jacobs products for my birthday and ended up grabbing the Genius Gel Foundation. A couple people really sold me on this. I first saw Coco from The Beauty Milk blog about it and then saw a favorite YouTuber, Destiny Godly do a foundation routine with it. I couldn't help but love how it looked on both ladies!

So, needless to say, I did not pass on it when I stopped into Sephora for my birthday splurge. Genius Gel ($48) is described as an anti-aging gel foundation designed for long wear and a radiant finish.
I chose the shade "Beige Light #32" and it seems to work well as my "in between" shade for when I'm not at my lightest but still not my summer color yet. I had a hard time figuring out what shade I was for sure. A lot of the foundations seemed to have a warmer undertone which I liked.

Coverage: The immediate coverage in my opinion is sheer to light. Although, it is very buildable and reminds me of MAC Face and Body with slightly more coverage. I wouldn't look to this foundation for full flawless coverage though.

Longevity: The foundation seems to hold up nicely without touch ups. I never noticed that it looked horrible by the end of the day or had worn off.

Finish: This is definitely a dewy finish foundation. It must be set with some type of powder or you will be a big ball of luminosity all day. I would have preferred if the foundation dried a little more than what it does. Even after letting it set it still feels rather wet when I apply powder over the top.

Overall Thoughts: I like this foundation but don't LOVE it. I wasn't blown away with the coverage nor did I think "wow this looks amazing on my skin" any time I used it. I honestly think it's because I have so many freckles and super dewy foundations like this seem to contrast from all of the freckles underneath - kind of giving the appearance of a tinted moisturizer.

The price and overall look of the foundation are two of my biggest concerns. Like I mentioned, I think it compares a lot to MAC Face and Body which is only $27 (even cheaper with my PRO discount) where as Genius Gel is $48. It just hasn't justified itself to me fully yet, but I'm not giving up!
Left: bare face | Middle: foundation only | Right: full face
Maybe I just haven't experimented with this foundation enough to know which products work best with it. I'm not completely turned off by it, there's just nothing too exciting about it for me as of right now. 
Do you guys like Genius Gel? What are your thoughts?


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  2. Finally! You reviewed this gel foundation. I was/still am very interested in its gel formula but I didn't buy it... Seems either I picked the wrong color to try or it just oxidized too fast. I found myself very yellow after putting it on. Sad. I do like other products from Marc Jacobs. But same here, I don't think anything is really worth buying.

  3. I do like this color on you but I also prefer the MAC Face and Body. I think for the price the MAC is a far better chioice.

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