Love, Shelbey: MAC Ombre Blush "Kindergarten Red"

Monday, March 9, 2015

MAC Ombre Blush "Kindergarten Red"

A few weeks ago MAC launched their "Toledo" collection for Isabel and Ruben Toledo which featured three ombre blushes($32 each). I was immediately drawn to the shade called "Kindergarten Red". I don't have anything in my collection like it and who could say no to an OMBRE blush?!

Although the name claims the shade "red", it is anything but. This blush is sheer fusion of a rosy pink and pale pink highlight. There is no shimmer and the blush provides three colors (top, middle and bottom shade)
Pigmentation: Unfortunately my camera was acting a bit wackey and I couldn't get a good swatch photo. The pigment is actually very sheer despite the vibrant bottom section. The top portion is virtually invisible and only serves as a mixing medium for the darker shade (in my opinion.)

Texture: The texture of this ombre blush is not that that of a regular MAC blush formula. It's almost like there's a film or harder texture protecting the colors. I would have preferred it to be more like the Prolongwear formula or regular blushes.

Application: I have to dip my brush about 2-3 times to get my desired look. I'm still trying to figure out how to actually "wear" the lightest color! Because there formula is so different, my brush doesn't seem to pick up much product.

Overall: Overall I really wanted the lightest shade to be a bit darker or pinker. I can't get much use out of it. I would have also preferred a different blush formula that isn't so hard. I most enjoyed the darkest shade which gives a nice rosey flush.
I think the cute packaging and ombre pattern really sucked me in on this purchase. The formula could have been better but who can deny that it's amazingly pretty to look at?!


  1. So pretty. I've always wanted an ombre blush x

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