Love, Shelbey: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured "Opal"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured "Opal"

The infamous Shimmering Skin Perfector line by Becca now has a new member, the Shimmering Skin Perfector "Poured". BECCA has been pretty consistent with this line, launching liquid and pressed powder versions you can now purchase a "cream" formula of the SSP (we're just going to call it that for the rest of this post because.... well... lazy.)

When I saw these released on Sephora, I knew my mind would not stray from them. I had to make an impulse buy (which generally always happens on the Sephora App - it needs to be deleted if I have any hopes of saving money.) There are 5 colors within the poured line: Pearl, Moonstone, Opal, Rose Gold, and Topaz. Each retail for a whopping $38.
Swatches: Top Right - Opal Poured on top & Opal Pressed on bottom | Bottom Right - Opal Poured
Being a loyal fan of the "Opal" Pressed SSP, I decided to stick with the same shade in the poured version. I immediately noticed upon opening the product that it was much darker from the pressed version - almost to the point of it being a bronze color. However, once swatched, the poured SSP is very close in color with the pressed SSP.

The size of the poured SSP is significantly smaller (.19oz) from that of the pressed version (.28oz), yet the price is still the same for each product.
Texture: The product itself is very creamy. I wouldn't say that there's anything super special about the formulation. It's simply a cream - not too dry and not too wet.

Application: This definitely applied WAY more sheer on me than the pressed version does. I couldn't seem to build up the finish either.

Overall Look: I was highly disappointed. There was no "wow" factor and I barely received any type of glow. Maybe it's because I'm not self tanning currently but I expected a lot more color pay off and a more highlighted finish.

Overall Thoughts: This was a bust purchase for me. Not only is the product smaller in size, the quality just does not compare to the pressed and even liquid version of this line. I think it's over priced for the quantity you are receiving which is significantly less than the other two SSP within the line.
Wearing Becca SSP Poured in "Opal"

As you can tell from the photo above, there's hardly any glow happening up in there. I was definitely disappointed! Have you tried the SSP Poured yet? Thoughts?


  1. Holy moly you look like Jennifer Lawrence in these photos!

  2. LOL! "Hardly any glow happening up in there" The shimmer factor looks really mild. They maybe should market them more for people who don't like much glow? I hope you can return it because $38 bucks is pretty off the cheesy! Thanks for the review, Shelbey!

  3. I'm going to skip these then x

  4. I am NC42, I use opal one regularly. Its so pigmented and universal shade! For the first time, I have seen Lina Cameron using this on me, when I went to her for my sister's wedding makeup! Later on, I did my makeup lesson by Lina Cameron and I asked her, she suggest me to by the duo mini one first. So I did. I am in love with them. They look really amazing on me, as well as on my sister, who is NC25! ^_^

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  6. I am a big fan of Becca highlighters. They are so good in quality, so well pigmented and so looks so good on me. Really good and long lasting. I bought this one after doing my makeup classes London by expert Lina, I am trying out new makeup items to improve my knowledge and skills. Lina is really good and best in my town.