Love, Shelbey: NARS "All Day Luminous Weightless" Foundation

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NARS "All Day Luminous Weightless" Foundation

I immediately ordered the new NARS "All Day Luminous Weightless" Foundation the day it launched a few weeks ago. I've already done a video review for it but for some reason I've put off the blog post review. So...I'm finally getting around to it! Plus, I've had more time to wear it and experiment with the wear time, application, consistency, etc.

All Day Luminous Weightless is a serum consistency foundation that is claimed to have up to 16 hours of wear and full coverage with one drop. Since, I've been wearing this for close to 3 weeks now, I can definitely tell you my overall thoughts and opinions on those claims and other aspects around the foundation itself.
First of all, the foundation comes with a pump! Yes - you read correctly, the pump is included! Generally you have to purchase those separately with any NARS foundation (which is a little cray considering how pricey the foundations are).

I find that around the 8 hour mark, I do need to touch up in the t-zone area. It's nothing dramatic, just more of a "freshening up" preference. I would say the maximum staying power on my skin is around 10-12 hours before it starts getting to the point to where I'm looking in the mirror saying "okay, time to come off."

This foundation has an extremely thin consistency. It blends into the skin seamlessly because of this and has VERY good coverage. NARS states that it is the fullest coverage out of any of their foundations - which I would agree with. The pigmentation is amazing.

At first I despised using my beauty blender with this so I decided a brush was the best way to go. When I use my Bare Minerals Precision Face Brush with this foundation, I only need 2 drops to cover my whole face. However, I have actually went back and tested out the beauty blender and found that it definitely has more of a "skin like" finish, but, I do have to use more drops (probably around 3-4) Overall the finish is super natural and smooth. You cannot feel it on your skin which I think any woman will appreciate!

I chose the shade "Medium 1 - Punjab". I generally wear "Medium 2 - Santa Fe" which is surprisingly lighter than Punjab. I chose Punjab because it has more of a warm undertone than Santa Fe. It matches my self tan perfectly while Santa Fe is best used when I am lighter!
Shade: (Medium 1 - Punjab)
Best Application Technique (for me):
Because this foundation is highly pigmented, I actually prefer wearing it with less products. I like to set it with the NARS Light Reflecting Powder to keep the luminous finish. I keep concealer to a minimum and use the normal blush and bronzer.

Overall Verdict:
I. LOVE. THIS. STUFF. - I seriously get so excited to use it because it is literally everything I could want in a foundation. The coverage is perfect, the texture is smooth and weightless, and it doesn't dry out my skin or even look like I have a full coverage foundation on. I do think my Sheer Glow out performs it in the longevity department but my days are normally over by 8 hours anyways.

NARS "All Day Luminous Weightless" Foundation after 8 hours of wear - no touch ups.


  1. Thanks for the review! I was looking into buying this as I need a more long wearing foundation :)

  2. looks amazing. what is your normal blush and bronzer you used? and what are you wearing on your lips??? so pretty :)

  3. I might pick this up tomorrow. Love the finished look on you; your skin looks divine! Thanks for also sharing your preferred application method and experiences!

  4. I purchased this foundation & I did not care for it. I have really dry skin & it would look really patchy & flaky within a couple of hours of wearing it. I don't know if it was because of my skin or because of the powder I was using. I used bare mineral's hydrating mineral veil. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. I have seen many good reviews about this foundation. I am really wondering to get one, but there is no store in U.K from where I can check my shade and purchase one. Moreover, I am very new in makeup line, recently just done with my makeup lesson by Lina, who trains makeup lessons for beginners by expert . Can you please suggest me a perfect match for NC42?