Love, Shelbey: Time Flies

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time Flies

I can't believe I'm saying this but, I graduate in 3 months! How could four years of my life fly by so quickly? Now all I'm hearing is, "You're gonna wish you could go back!" - with the same thought and response, "No...just no." The thing is, I enjoyed the experience of college but let's be real - college itself, is a serious pain. Countless people have told me "These are the best years of your life!" Another phrase I think is a total misconception. I refuse to believe that I spent the "best" years of my life in college.

The best years of my life have yet to come. College was just there to help me (or stall me) figure out how to get to get there. Although I am grateful for the knowledge I've absorbed during my time, most of my accomplishments were made possible through my own personal endeavors. I started my blog and YouTube channel as a Sophomore and never dreamed of the opportunities they could bring me. I seriously believe that had I not started this personal journey I would totally be one of those college seniors freaking out about where life is taking me and how I can find a career for myself. But the truth is, I'm not scared.

Regardless of where I end up or how "successful" (what does that mean anyways?)  I am, I know that I've found the passion that drives me - and for that that alone, I am grateful. ANYWAYS, enough with the "I made it" speech. The whole point of this post is to display some AMAZE BALLS senior photos my friends at Zach and Sarah Photography shot for me. I can't begin to tell you how phenomenal they are. These are the first of the shots we did and I plan on posting the other two sets in the near future! Enjoy!

I want to thank Zach and Sarah again for the awesome shots. If you guys are looking for a wedding, senior, couples, or even personal shoot and live near the Nashville area, please do not hesitate to check them out. I've never met two people who can make you feel as comfortable in front of the camera like they do. They're an absolute blast to work with and the results are perfection! Check out their website and Instagram and you'll understand what I mean!

If you are curious as to what makeup I wore, it was actually very simple but here's the list:

Jeans: F21//Leopard Pumps: Old Navy//Sweater: Old Navy//Olive Vest: c/o Aeropostale//Necklace: F21//Watch: Daniel Wellington//Rings: F21


  1. Oh, exciting! And, I agree with you about college (hopefully) not being the best years of your life. I was like you, couldn't wait to get out of school and people telling me things like to stay in as long as I can, because after that, it's the real world, bills, work, etc. I'm like, I WANT the real world! :)

  2. You look amazing in these pictures! Congratulations on graduating college and for finding something your so passionate about, it makes it all worthwhile :)

  3. You look phenomenal in these pictures Shelbey :) At 25 I decided to back to university and get my degree to allow me to be a social worker and so I totally agree with you that college should not be what defines you but merely a means to allowing you to define yourself :) A really cute and inspiring post xx

  4. Congrats on being just 3 months away from graduating! I wouldn't say college was the best years of my life, but I think a lot of people would agree that they were some of the most carefree, even with deadlines and papers and grades - it's a totally different world! It was also the easiest time ever to make friends! It's the last time in your life that you're surrounded by people the same age as you. May you always have great friends and great memories from college! Beautiful photos!

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