Love, Shelbey: How To: Making Powder Foundation Flawless & Easy

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How To: Making Powder Foundation Flawless & Easy

Powder foundation has always been my favorite "type" of foundation. Despite the reputation it has of making skin look "dry" or not giving enough "coverage", I have always found my skin to look the most flawless by using a powder. 

I've recently upped my powder foundation game and have found a routine that is one of my favorites to date. My quest for the perfect compact powder foundation came to a halt when I started using the MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation. It's a beauty - let me tell ya. With the most flawless coverage, long wearing finish, and easy application, it has won me over. I've been pairing it with a few other items which I will also talk about.
1. Primer - It is crucial  that you always prime before applying powder foundation. For dryer skin, like mine, you need that extra element that is going to help the powder foundation blend seamlessly and create a barrier against your pores. My favorite for this routine is Bare Minerals BB Primer. It gives your skin an even look while also providing extra coverage!

2. A Dang Good Powder - There are only two powder foundations I have found to date that have worked well with my skin type, those being Bare Minerals Original Foundation and MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation (NC35 photographed above). This may be a trial and error process for some, it took me forever to find a good compact powder. Because powders have that standard reputation of just being used for "setting" makeup or "touch ups", this is why most woman steer clear from them. 

Bare Minerals Original and MAC Studio Fix are two recommendations I would give to anyone. I have dry skin and they don't show up patchy or dry against my face. Studio Fix, in particular, would be a great option for more oily skin because it does have a flatter finish. 

3. The Foundation Brush - The brush you are using is just as important as your foundation. Using a crappy brush can take you on a turn for the worst when it comes to the outcome of your foundation. Expensive isn't always best, and the brush I have photographed above is proof of that. The Target "Up and Up" Kabuki is a fabulous powder foundation brush. And for less than $7, you cannot beat it. It buffs foundation in seamlessly and doesn't scratch against your skin.

4. #ConcealerGame - This is where it can get tricky. I always used a powder concealer with powder foundation until I recently used the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (in shade "neutralizer") with my Studio Fix Powder..... it was life changing. Another trial and error process may be finding the right concealer for your powder foundation. I think the Instant Age Rewind is a cult favorite for a reason. It doesn't crease, has amazing coverage, and blends to an airbrush finish. I would highly suggest giving it a shot!

5. Finishing Powder - No, I'm not just talking about your regular ole' Rimmel Stay Matte. Since you've already used a powder foundation, you need to apply a powder that is finely milled (more than your foundation) so you can mesh everything together while blurring the appearance of pores and fine lines. Two of my favorites are the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores and Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral Veil...they're fabulous!
(The trick here is to always make your before look as crappy as possible #iwokeuplikethis style)

So, I hope this helped you all if you have been interested in switching from a liquid to powder foundation routine. I love a good liquid every now and then but it's definitely powder for life if I had to choose between the two. 

The routine above has been a solid routine that I have been using for a while now and it never disappoints! Definitely one of the longest lasting routines I've came across. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. So glad you shared this!!!! Now, I'd like to know how you get your brows so perfect!! Mine have thinned out over time and I'm having the hardest time making them look good. Next tutorial?? :)

  2. That is actually my next post! What a mind reader you are ;)

  3. Are there any cons to this studio fix powder foundation? I'm dying to try it but I'm curious.

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