Love, Shelbey: Holiday Gift Guide: For the Beauty Lover

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Beauty Lover

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide
Has anyone else just went bonkers Christmas shopping already? I know I have! But there's still a few people I know who delay picking up their Christmas gifts! I wanted to make my ultimate beauty gift guide to help out those of you (or someone you know) who are still looking for that perfect beauty gift!

These are products that will be ideal for any beauty junkie! I know I'd love to receive them and most can even be found on Sephora's "Hot Now" list (so ya know people are dying to get them!)
  1. Value Sets - I go crazy for a good value kit around the holidays. They are a perfect way to buy for someone who may need restocking on favorite products or perfect for someone looking to try new beauty items. Another way you can use a value set as a gift is to break it up and use the individual products as small gifts for co-workers, friends and family members! Sephora's Super Stars Value Kit is one of my favorites this year! But don't limit yourself if it doesn't seem intriguing, they offer SO many more with various themes and products like "Lash Stash" for mascara lovers, "Give Me More Lip" for the lip lovers, "Glitz & Glam" for hair and makeup addicts, and one of their biggest sets, "Beauty Closet" is sure to please anyone's taste!
  2. Eye and Face Palettes - I think of palettes as being the greatest makeup gift one could receive. They are usually filled with every day products and colors that will match anything! Whether it's the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette or Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette (can I say "palette" one more time?) PALETTES are the way to go!
  3. Mascara - Mascara is something that us girls just aren't going to pass on when it comes to the daily makeup routine. I've been lusting over the Urban Decay Perversion after trying it in my Ipsy bag! When picking out an individual makeup product for someone, think of something that they use daily and the most frequently. Mascara is definitely a must for almost everyone but you could also think about things like the person's favorite concealer, foundation, powder, etc. Sneak into their makeup bag and jot down their shade and you'll be set!
  4. Brush Sets/Tools - There would never be a time I would deny fresh and brand spankin' new brushes! It's all about the makeup brushes now days and picking up a solid set for your best friend or mom would be a fabulous gift on Christmas Day! I would also recommend the Beauty Blender if you aren't sure what set to pick up. It's a universal makeup applicator that can be used for everything on the face!
  5. Skin Care Sets - There's always that one person who is a skin care junkie (....umm me) and would love to see receive a skin care kit as a gift! Again, "kit" is key this season! A lot of sets have a really nice full system included (cleanser, moisturizer, toners, masks etc.) These are perfect for that person who needs a good skin care routine re-vamping or your not so normal skin care hoarder ;) Glam Glow is a HUGE deal right now and although their products are expensive, Sephora has an awesome value set that includes three jars of their mud masks for the price of one! I'ts tempting!
  6. Stocking Stuffers - One cannot simply pass the Sephora checkout line without picking up a trial size/stocking stuffer as a last minute purchase! It's so true. All of the minis, trial sizes, and holiday themed items near the checkout (and online) are just too tempting. These make awesome small gifts and stocking stuffers that won't break your bank. I love these because A. they're always freaking cute B. You don't have to fully commit to buying a full size product in hopes that their receiver will love it. Bite Beauty has won my heart for stocking stuffer packaging of the year! They have mini lipsticks, glosses, and liners for $12 each in adorable holiday packaging! 
I hope this guide has given you some ideas for gifts....or ideas of things to buy yourself haha! Happy shopping!


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