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Monday, October 20, 2014

Simple style, is still style.

Ideal Style
Lately I have been re-evaluating my style. Which might explain the lack of fashion/style related posts over here on my blog. You see, I'm pretty sure I have been going through a 20's style crisis for the past couple years. I've avoided actually taking the time to shop for seasonal outfits because I haven't been sure of where I want my style to go or what I even look good in anymore (I know - this is rough coming from a semi-style blogger)

However, over the past month or so, I've really started to mold a style I feel comfortable in. I think the fall weather may have something to do with it but I'm actually having fun piecing things together and I even splurged on my first "big girl" watch (Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews - photoed above...yeah, you'll see some posts of me rocking that baby for sure) I'm spending time thinking about my purchases as opposed to buying them on impulse and not exactly knowing how or where to style them.

The fact is, I'm simple. I'm simple in almost every aspect of my life except for my makeup (which we all know is a very complex part of my daily routine ha ha) My problem was that I see all of these extravagant and super-accessorized outfits on amazing style bloggers or over on Pinterest and I would want to create that within myself, when in reality...THAT AIN'T ME! 

My ideal outfit consists of the pieces above:
-jeans (preferably high waist...gotta slim those curves you know)
-loose fit top/tank
-Jacket or loose cardi
-neutral bag
-a piece of statement jewelry (actually, it doesn't have to be "statement" at all...I'm pretty much the plainest of Jane's when it comes to accessories)
-a good pair of sunnies

I've also discovered through this journey that olive green is my favorite color. Yes, I've declared olive as my favorite color in all areas of life #noshame. I'm a casual kind of gal. I want something comfy but still polished and chic, ya know?

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Simple style is still style. I love being simple.