Love, Shelbey: Quick & Fun Pumpkin Design

Monday, October 27, 2014

Quick & Fun Pumpkin Design

I rarely miss out on a good old fashion pumpkin carving. Yet, somehow this year, I let my schedule take over and missed out on the opportunity to get my hands slimy and tired from carving! I had this past Sunday off and my friend suggested that we "paint" a pumpkin. This is something I have never done before...painting? Really?

Next thing I know we are at Walmart picking out our pumpkin and finding craft supplies to make them look fancy. I've seen so many amaze ball glitter pumpkin tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube but knew I wouldn't have the time or patience to achieve one. So, I thought polka-dots would be the best option. How can you go wrong? Cute, inviting, and effortless.
  • I used "Antique Gold" metallic paint which seemed to show up better and was less streaky than traditional solid paint.
  • Don't let your pumpkin dry before adding the glitter and jewels unless you want to buy glue to adhere them onto the pumpkin with. The sticky paint works just fine.
  • You may have to go over the glitter dots a few times with the circle sponge to get a full glitter dot.
  • You can also vary the jewel size but I was a little rushed for time and kept it simple.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I love incorporating lifestyle posts in every now and then. I'm glad I had some spare time to have fun and make a pumpkin. It was super easy and actually relaxing! Oh and BTW, the pumpkin is supposed to be gold but I only applied one layer so it's more of a "dead orange" color as of  right now. Oh well - I'm still saying it's more fab than the original!

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