Love, Shelbey: Fall Style & Beauty Picks

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Style & Beauty Picks

Fall Style and Beauty
Don't you just love making these little sets? They really get my creativity flowing and also pose as a quick disguise for my poor blogging skills. Okay, yes, I'm not going to deny it, my posts haven't been as consistent as they usually are. Unfortunately I fear that is how it will probably stay until I have more free time on my hands (hello May graduation).

Anyways, today's weather has some serious fall-ness written all over it. 68 degrees and cloudy skies - and for some odd reason, I am loving it. So, I wanted to share what my ideal fall outfit and makeup would look like....seriously, I would wear this every day if I could.

The Outfit:
I recently discovered "pleather" leggings. Instantly hooked. I'm a little over the plain black legging stage and wanted something a bit more edgier. I love mine! Paired alongside of that, I would grab a top with olive hues. Why olive? I've discovered that it is now my spirit color - one that looks flattering on me and is also a personal favorite of mine. Of course, I need an over sized cardigan to cover my butt too!

I've been trying to accessorize a lot more lately. I've always been plain Jane when it comes to jewelry. I work with Lenny and Eva, an amazing jewelry line, every year in makeup artistry for their catalog. Their entire style appeals to me in every way possible. I recently made one of their braided wrap bracelets and it's to die for...seriously, I love it. Another brand I've been enjoying is Chloe and Isabel. I had the opportunity to work with a retailer last month and ended up falling in love with their amethyst line. The amethyst stackable rings are now my go-to. I'm dying to get the necklace! I've also picked up a pair of short boots like the ones photoed above. The past couple years have been all about tall combat boots and fold-overs, I'm looking forward to switching things up a bit this year.

The Makeup:
When school starts back I keep my makeup super simple. Bare Skin is my favorite hydrating foundation at the moment. It will be perfect for the fall and winter months. Tinted brow gel and winged liner are about the only things you'll notice around my eyes. As much as I LOVE eye shadows, I hate taking the time to do my eye makeup unless it's for a special occasion. However, I have went back to wearing my Ardell Demi Whispies due to my excessive eye lash picking and sensitivity to mascara.

I go for a multi-tasking product on the cheeks. I would really love to invest in a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick but I'm indecisive about the shade to choose (and let's be real, the price scares me) - any suggestions on the color? I like a cool toned mauve/plum on the lips. After buying NARS Audacious Lipstick in "Raquel", I really loved the formula. The only problem is, it "mysteriously" disappeared (I know you dropped it on the ground Will). So now I am kind of eyeing "Barbara" or "Anna" for the fall!
Here's a little photo of mine and mom's Lenny and Eva wrap bracelets! :)

Thank you for reading! I will hopefully have some updated posts coming soon!