Love, Shelbey: Bare Minerals Holiday 2014: "Kissing Booth" Marvelous Moxie Collection

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bare Minerals Holiday 2014: "Kissing Booth" Marvelous Moxie Collection

I can't believe holiday collections are already being released! It seems that year after year every brand is cranking out an earlier release date for their holiday sets. I've already picked up two from Bare Minerals, one being the "Kissing Booth" Marvelous Moxie Collection.

Bare Minerals always makes a Moxie gloss set each year. This year's included a pop of color mixed with creme and shimmer finishes. The set includes six mini Marvelous Moxie Glosses (equivalent to three full size glosses) for $26.
Left to Right: "Big Tease", "Sweet Kisser", "Major Flirt", "Lucky Lady", "Thrill Seeker", "Jezebel"
"Jezebel"is a shimmer finish described as a glimmering fuchsia merlot. 
"Thrill Seeker" is a creme finish and described as a rich lilac.
Although these appear to be the most vibrant out of the six glosses, both shades are very muted. I don't really pick up on the shimmer in "Jezebel" so they both appear to have a creme finish on my lips. Purple and cool toned lip lovers out there will definitely enjoy these two!
"Major Flirt" is a shimmer finish described as a shimmering peony shade.
"Lucky Lady" is a shimmer finish described as a diamond rose shade.
These two are the sheerest of the bunch. "Major Flirt" has a bit more of a pink undertone, whereas "Lucky Lady" stands a little more brown/beige. You can detect shimmer in both shades.
"Big Tease" is a creme finish and is described as a pinkish nude shade.
"Sweet Kisser" is a creme finish described as a strawberry sorbet shade.
Both of these shades are the most wearable out of the set in my opinion. I see most women gravitating towards them more on a daily basis. "Sweet Kisser" is the most pigmented on my lips out of all the colors. 
Overall I thought this was a fun set that will appeal to a lot of people. Don't let the vibrant colors scare you, most of them appear 2-3 shades lighter on the lips (unless you have zero color to your natural lip tone.) "Thrill Seeker" and "Big Tease" were two of my favorites from the collection. What about you?


  1. The finish is so glossy, your lips look amazing x

    1. They really are! Not too sticky either! Thanks, Coco!

  2. They look much better on than in the tubes. Love your videos!!!

  3. I haven't had a chance to try the moxie glosses yet. There is no plumping agent in them right? I am allergic to the buxom glosses.

  4. Hi Christina,

    Yes, they do contain plumping agents. The only Moxies that won't have the tingle are the new Moxie Butter Creams sold exclusively at ULTA :) Thanks for reading!