Love, Shelbey: Bare Minerals Holiday 2014: Delight & Dazzle Set

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bare Minerals Holiday 2014: Delight & Dazzle Set

Delight and Dazzle was the first set I picked up from Bare Minerals 2014 Holiday collection. I couldn't pass up the amazing price and chance to stock up on some limited shades! 

Delight and Dazzle ($49) includes two separate boxes (one to keep, and one to give to a friend concept). Whether you choose to pass it along as a gift or keep it all, there's no denying the awesome value!
Delight 4-Piece Collection By Day (all items are full size)
  • "Promise" Blush
  • "Fancy Eye" Color
  • "Forever Brandy" Lasting Line Eye Liner
  • "Rock Star" Marvelous Moxie Gloss
This is definitely my favorite set out of the two that come in the collection. It is definitely suited more towards lighter skin tones and has a naturally beautiful finish. The Moxie in "Rock Star" is gorgeous! "Fancy" is also an interesting shadow. It's got a bit of a peachy finish but also a gilded touch - loving that shade as well.
Dazzle 4 Piece Collection By Night (all items are full size)
  • "Ignite" Blush
  • "Tantalize" Eye Color
  • "Absolute Black" Lasting Liner
  • "Wow Factor" Marvelous Moxie Gloss
I think this set provides some pretty essentials for a fall evening look. The gloss is very similar to "Maverick" except it has a bit more of a berry undertone mixed in. Overall, I think the shades mesh really well together and "Tantalize" provides a really gorgeous one shadow look.
I did a complete tutorial over this set along with a couple more mentions of some BM holidays sets I have already picked up. Hope you all enjoy these beauties in action! Which set is your favorite? Delight or Dazzle?


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