Love, Shelbey: BUXOM "Go Nude" Two Piece Sephora Set

Monday, March 3, 2014

BUXOM "Go Nude" Two Piece Sephora Set

Happy Monday to everyone! I did a little shopping over the weekend and found some amazing new beauty products I can't wait to review for you all. Of course, I stopped at Sephora to do some damage and it seems that I can never leave there without picking up one or two items from their "checkout" section. It get's me every time! 

I snagged up this cute little Buxom set which contains a mini Full Bodied Lipstick in"Nudist" and Mini Lip Cream Gloss in "White Russian" (a shade I've been dying to try). The set was $18 which is equivalent to a full size Buxom gloss. However, I thought since you're getting to try both, it was a good deal.
White Russian is a light nude pink. I was surprised to see that it didn't really give much color to my lips. However, it did seem to be buildable. I think this gloss would be great for any nude lover or someone looking for a light/natural every day color.
Nudist is a sheer pink nude. It goes on with a bit of sheen. The lipstick itself was smaller than what I was expecting but still offers a good amount of product. 
Overall, I like this set. I think the lipstick could have been a bit bigger as far as the width goes. I find it hard to apply skinny lipsticks because they have a tendency to break. I'm already a huge fan of Buxom. I don't think I've ever tried a lip product that I didn't like from them. 

This will definitely give you a chance to try their famous plumping gloss and new lipsticks! 

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  1. I will definitely have to pick this up myself! Great post!

  2. This duo looks amazing on you! If I didn't already have a deluxe size of White Russian, I would definitely buy this. Great Post!