Love, Shelbey: NEW Bare Minerals bareSkin Serum Foundation

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NEW Bare Minerals bareSkin Serum Foundation

The cat is officially out of the bag, guys! Although, I have known that Bare Minerals was releasing a "serum" foundation for quite a few months now, I never thought I would be seeing it this early in the game! Today, Bare Minerals released the first photos and videos of the new bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation! 

This is a HUGE step in Bare Minerals history! For years there was talk about how a liquid foundation would never be designed from this brand. I, personally, am so thrilled that Bare Minerals took the plunge into a whole new realm. I think it's important as a company to grow with your customers and even though there are customers who are one the fence about this topic, I know for the most part, most of them are as thrilled as I am.

Yes, Bare Minerals has always been known for its fabulous powder foundation, however, I think BM has always been such an innovative and original brand that it honestly intimidated people to step out of the "norm" of a liquid to try a "powder" foundation. I believe the new Serum Foundation will be a great way to get hesitant customers to try out Bare Minerals and possibly inspire them to take a step back and try what everyone else has loved for years, the Original formulas!

The foundation was designed alongside a brand new brush as well (duh, how can you have a new foundation without a new brush?) The Perfecting Face Brush has a small reservoir for the serum to be placed in, while the outside bristles softly work the product into the skin. 
The entire collection will include 20 foundation shades. I love the fact that Bare Minerals has thrown in some, what I like to call, "in between" shades - you know, for when you aren't exactly your summer or winter color! 

Overall, I'm ecstatic to try this foundation. I've always loved the Original formulas, however, having dry skin makes it a bit hard to wear them at times. I'm hoping for a new "Holy Grail" foundation! 

What are your thoughts on the new bareSkin Foundation? I'd love to hear!

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  1. This is sooooo exciting!! I can't wait to try it!! I am however still faithfully inlove with bm orginal foundation. xx

  2. I have dry skin and prefer liquid foundations, I am excited for this to come out-can't wait to give it a test run! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love love bm and have been using it for years. I already ordered this new foundation from QVC and I can't wait to get it!

  4. I am so excited to try this!

  5. I would love to try this foundation but I need more information as I have sensitive skin and need to know if it's non-comedogenic and non-poor clogging etc.

    1. The bareMinerals foundation is non-comedogenic a lot of their products are if you look them up on their website :) This is a main fact as to why they are currently leading the mineral makeup industry :) I use bareMinerals and I have sensitive skin and it doesn't react at all :) Hope that helps.

  6. I received this foundation today fron QVC.
    I wore the original BM foundation when I was in my 30's and it was
    perfect for my combination skin. My skin changed and
    at 48 I'm searching for the right foundation for me.

  7. Advanced ordered after researching every ingredient on Received my QVC order of this product on April 11th...applied immediately. Not crazy about the shade I chose, Bare Natural, a neutral medium. Applying product to brush easy, as in the demo video on QVC website. Brush bristles nice & soft for buffing product into skin. Applied again this morning April 14th, still not crazy about shade choice....QVC has wait list on all shades but two, and I'm applying one of them. Thinking I may need to try neutral light shade. Seems dry for liquid foundation with serum...still prepped my skin with normal routine, that includes a Paula's Choice serum with retinol. Still on the fence about this foundation. (Stopped using BM mineral powder foundation over 3 years ago due to acne prone skin breakouts).

  8. I'm excited to try this. Originally, I ditched using Bare Minerals because their makeup irritated the heck out of my skin and caused breakouts. I found out I'm allergic to bismuth and had to switch face powders to the Mattify Cosmetics brand instead. My face is all cleared up now, but I do miss using liquid makeup. Just checked the ingredients in this new Bare Minerals stuff there's no bismuth, yay! Now, the test will be if it will stay looking fresh on my skin, because I'm super oily.