Love, Shelbey: The "I Don't Need This, But REALLY Want It" List

Friday, December 6, 2013

The "I Don't Need This, But REALLY Want It" List

The Beauty Want List

Gather round' makeup addicts and let's unite over our undying love to collect and hoard beauty products that will last us for years....then go out and by more!

If hitting pan on a product is a rare occurrence for you, welcome to the club. I recently hit pan on one of my favorite Bare Mineral Bronzers I've had for probably close to two years and I quickly became astonished! It's almost a love hate relationship I have with all of my products, I want to use them up but I have all of these new and enticing brands throwing their awesome packaging and gorgeous sparkle in my face!

So, today, I'm embracing my obsession and talking about some major splurges I'd love to get to fuel my addiction ;)

Urban Decay:

  • Naked 3 Palette - Okay....who DOESN'T  want the Naked 3? Let's be honest. I'm pretty proud of myself for not giving into the MAJOR hype over the 1, 2, and Naked Basics. But something about this palette is so feminine and romantic, my soul can't help but to ache for it....even though I absolutely DO NOT need it! (I might as well hop on the struggle bus for first world problems)
  • Revolution Lipstick - There's no doubt that my number one beauty obsession lies in lip products, especially lipsticks. The ranting and raving over the UD Revolution Lipsticks has been ridiculous! The color selections are to die for and the formulation is apparently freaking amazing. I must own one of these!
  • 24/7 Lip Liner - Ugh, they look absolutely phenomenal and creamy as all get out! I've recently been experimenting more with lip liners and I find myself wearing them several days out of the week. Does this mean I need a $19 lip liner? it doesn't :( but my heart says YES
  • Sheer Glow Foundation - Out of all the people I've seen this foundation on, they all look absolutely FLAWLESS as all get out and glowing like a radiant angel. I never thought I'd venture out and wear NARS foundations based on the past reviews of their other formulas, but this one just looks so amazing and hydrating! I see a big splurge in the near future.
  • Repairwear Laser Focus Serum - This is actually a product I own currently, only in a sample bottle. I am so in love with it! I can't even describe how awesome it makes my skin feel! I normally don't splurge on skincare but I love this so much!
  • Full Bodied Lip Stick - There's been so many occasions I've added this to my cart on Sephora and somehow I just couldn't breakdown and buy it! I've seen amazing reviews from Temptalia and I'm a huge fan of Buxom glosses anyways. Another lip splurge I'm dying for!
  • True Hue Blush - I have a major swatch fest with the Buxom blushes every time I go to Sephora. They're all extremely pigmented and come in a gorgeous variety of colors BUT I seriously need to vow to calm down on my blush purchases, they're almost as bad as my lip stash.
  • Magnificent Metals Eye Shadow - I think the whole concept behind this shadow is fascinating and an awesome "invention", if you will, for Stila. These are intense high-shine wearing shadows which you can wear try or with the mixing medium Stila provides with the shadow. I'ts unlike anything I've seen and I need it in my life!
Bobbi Brown:
  • Eye Shadow Palettes - Believe it or not I have NEVER as much as swatched a Bobbi Brown product. I'm actually surprised and a little proud of myself. Their eye shadow palettes tempt me SO bad though. The packaging alone is enough to entice anyone. When I think of BB palettes, I just think of flat out luxury. All of the shades are to die for and never contain odd colors you wouldn't wear. Perfection.
  • Makeup Brushes - If I ever bought a Bobbi Brown brush, it would be the splurge of the century. They are SO freaking expensive, yet again, SO luxurious! Maybe one day!
Laura Geller:
  • Balance and Brighten Foundation - I have to blame EmilyNoel83 for this "want". I always hear her rave about the awesome finish and color these powders have. I think the different colored swirls are what get me!
Josie Maran:
  • Argan Infused Lipstick - I first need to start out by saying, "WHAT DO I NOT WANT FROM JOSIE MARAN?!" Every product is so unique and always has some neat benefit for your skin. Her Argan Lipsticks are a big curiosity for me. I love the clear hydrating ring around the actual lipstick color, it really gives you the sense that the lipstick is going to be super hydrating!
  • Mia 2 - Lately I've been obsessed with my pores, and I don't mean that in a good way. I know they aren't very noticeable but I'd like to keep it that way and I've always heard the Clarisonic really does a great job of doing, well, anything you could possibly want as far as facial cleansing goes. What do you guys think?
That's it for my never ending "want" list! I know most of you guys feel the same struggle ;) Let me know what products you're dying to try!

Until next time...


  1. I totally hear you. I really want the UD palette, but I already have SO many similar colors in my collection. What is a girl to do? :)
    The Grass Skirt

  2. Hi Shelby! Accidentally deleted my comment above. First, your blog is great! Could you do a piece on how to apply Bare Minerals' Frame & Define: Brow Styler pencil? Thanks, JM

  3. I also want to try a clarisonic!! I'm wanting some Real Techniques brushes - I've seen good reviews; I don't know if they're technically "expensive," but to me they are :P I'd also like to try the Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector and a L'Oreal Studio Secret Primer.

  4. Hi Shelbey, great post! I love the Nars Sheer Glow! Well worth the hype! That Buxom blush look gorgeous too! x

  5. I have been using the Clarisonic Mia 2 for about a year now, and I would not go a day without it. It has completely changed the texture of my skin and help cut down on acne. Although, I love it and feel it is worth the investment, I have yet to notice a change in the size of the pores on either side of my nose.

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