Love, Shelbey: 5 Reasons a Curling Wand Trumps a Curling Iron

Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 Reasons a Curling Wand Trumps a Curling Iron

Hi guys! Long time, no talk. I thought being out of school for a month would give me some extra time to pre-plan for blog posts but it seems the holiday season has taken over with shopping, wrapping, and family visits. 

Yesterday I had my first opportunity to film another tutorial in over a week. It was just a simple "Get Ready with Me" style video in which I showed how I do super quick every day curls using my NuMe Curling Wand. While filming the video, I kept thinking to myself how much quicker it is (for me) to use a curling wand compared to a curling iron. Honestly, the curls last longer and it's ten times quicker! 

So, for today's post, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts over why the curling "wand" trumps a curling iron. Enjoy! Oh, and if you've never tried one..... you're missing out!

  1. No "clamp" to create hideous dents in your hair - The curling iron clamp is seriously my worst enemy. There's not a single curl I can create without getting some type of dent or impression made by that stupid thing!
  2. Wands come in more size and style varieties - Some people say that the curling wand will limit your options for curly hairstyles.... WRONG? I guess you've never heard of the awesome wand attachments many brands make for their irons now. Just look up the NuMe Pearl Wand...enough said.
  3. Burn yourself easily? Most wands come with a glove - Yeah, you can literally hold the wand by the barrel if you wanted to.
  4. No fear of getting your hair stuck - Such a huge relief. To go along with the lovely dents a curling iron clamp leaves in my hair, I often get my hair stuck. Don't ask how....because I have no clue, it's inevitable.
  5. You don't have to be precise - I feel like I always have to section my hair off when I use a curling iron to avoid a mash up of curls and the straight frizzy pieces I've yet to get a hold of. With a wand, I can literally wrap the ends of my hair around the barrel and it would come out looking fabulous. 
Point blank.... the wand rules.

I guess you can go ahead and say it, I'm curling iron challenged. It's just never been my friend, and I've never wanted to be its friend. Life became so much easier when the wand was born.

Until next time...


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  2. You should do a video on how you and what products you use to straighten/smooth out your hair :)


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