Love, Shelbey: The Balm Holiday Sets at Khol's?!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Balm Holiday Sets at Khol's?!

Hello, friends! I hope the weekend served you well. This has been a post I've been meaning to get up for weeks but for some reason, kept putting others before it. If you haven't heard yet, Khol's is carrying new prestige brands such as The Balm, Lorac, Cargo, Pur Minerals, and even Real Techniques. Being the addict I am, I almost died when I saw the glorious selection of amazing products.

The Balm is a brand I have experimented with very little. I've had several samples of eye shadows and the Mary Lou-Manizer (which I love) but nothing else. Their new "Instain" blush collection has had so many great raves and reviews that I was literally dying to try at least one! To my surprise, Khol's had lovely value sets that I couldn't pass up! Enjoy!

 Like I mentioned above, The Mary-Lou Manizer is probably my most loved highlighter on the planet. I've never owned the full size of it, only sample sizes I received in past Birch Boxes. It has to be the most gorgeous and pigmented highlighter I have ever seen. It literally illuminates the skin in the most brilliant way possible! I also love to use it as an eye shadow! I picked up this awesome set which includes both full sizes of the Betty and Mary-Lou Manizers for $29. The compacts are generally $24 a piece!
I'm such a fan of luminous products, especially bronzers. By looking at the Betty-Lou Manizer, you wouldn't think it's very dark. However, I have to admit that with my fair skin, I have to keep a light hand on it. I've really been loving it lately. It gives a soft golden finish. Since my skin is in it's super pale stage for the winter, the bronzer does have a slight orange undertone, which is normal for me in the winter. I suspect that will change once I get a little color. I love how velvety smooth both the Betty and Mary-Lou Manizers are. They apply beautifully and are extremely pigmented!

As soon as I saw this set, I knew I couldn't pass it up. I have been dying to try these blushes ever since EmilyNoel83 reviewed them months ago. They are generally $22 a piece but the entire set contains three full size blushes for $34. 
Left to Right: Argyle, Toile, & Houndstooth
I can't get over how pigmented and smooth these blushes are - and when I say pigmented, I seriously mean it. I barely have to tap my brush into the pan to get product. They blend as smooth as butter! One of my personal favorites has been "Houndstooth". It's a great fall berry color!
The "Instain" blushes are supposed to have the long lasting powder of a regular liquid or cream cheek stain, just in a powder form. I have to agree that these stay on fabulously throughout the day!
  • Houndstooth Blush
  • Betty-Lou Manizer Bronzer
  • Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter
What do you think about Khol's new makeup selection? I'm loving it! I told my friends it's like having a "mini Sephora"! This could be the death of my pay checks haha! I hope you all enjoyed!

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  1. Thank you for this post! i have actually been looking for a good bronzer! I will be sure to give this one a try!
    Also, Your blog is beautiful! I just recently started blogging and I think yours is absolutly perfect!
    If you want to take a look at mine and give me some feeback on what I can improve that would be amazing.
    If not I totally understand!
    I am glad I found your blog and will continue to read it!

    1. Thank you very much! I will head on over!! :)

  2. ooh, I'll have to go look at these. I'm a sucker for blushes.

    1. Hannah, you will love them! They are sure to last a lifetime with the pigmentation and amount that you get in each package! Thanks for reading!

  3. I've been wanting to find the PERFECT blush with staying power...I may just have to try these!