Love, Shelbey: Greedy Christmas List Alert

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Greedy Christmas List Alert

I absolutely love the holidays! As a matter of fact, last week, I sat out a few festive window decorations to get into the spirit. Will quickly told me it was "too early" to be putting up Christmas decor and that I should wait until AFTER Thanksgiving like a "normal" person would do. GRINCH ALERT?!

Anyways, my Christmas cheer may have came a bit early this year but it seems that whenever friends and family start asking the infamous question, "What do you want for Christmas this year?", I either come up blank or reply with the usual, "I'm not sure." Although, I have to admit that my mother and I are quick to come up with suggestions. Recently she asked what I wanted and I let her know about my desperate need for apartment storage and she quickly replied, "Ok, I need a new crock pot by the way!" Got to love her!

I have to admit that I have already bought a couple presents and found myself grabbing stocking stuffers for my parents a few nights ago. I'm on  roll! Like I mentioned previously, sometimes it takes me a while to really think of things I need want for Christmas, until I wonder off into the great world of Polyvore, releasing all of my inner indulgences. So, I introduce you to what I like to call, "The Greedy Christmas List"....

A Really Greedy Christmas List

A part of me is thinking, "Where did all of these requests come from?" The delectable Jen Aniston perfume was definitely one of my first requests after smelling it in Khol's a couple weeks ago. If you're a fan of soft beachy scents, you'll love this one.

The Lord knows I need some storage in my life (first world problems of a makeup hoarder). Which is why this was my first request to my mom. I have no personal preference of the brand, as long as it looks semi-chic and holds my crap!

Lush has always been a lusted product of mine. Since we don't have a Lush store in Tennessee, all I can do is sit and watch other YouTubers talk about how fantastic their products are and act like I can't order online for myself *pitty party*. I'm a lip product junkie who, ironically, always has chapped lips. I've heard great things about the lip scrub and balms!

I can remember the prime days of Northface - peaking my junior year of high school. Everyone had to own a Northface! Since then I haven't asked for another because I feel content with my "match everything" white jacket. The cold rainy months have already hit Tennessee. With my inconvenient class schedule, I find myself walking way more than I had intended to in the cold wet weather. Then it hit me, I DON'T OWN A RAIN COAT! Of course, the first thing that pops into my mind is a cute Northface. Random gift request #1


Moving on, the rest of my items are all random splurge items I would expect no one to get me. Literally, don't buy these things for me mom and dad... I know you're reading.

Nikon 1 (J1, J2, J3 - who really knows the difference, right?) Being a journalism major, I'm required to take a lot of photos and video interviews for news features. I've found that my Canon is a little too large and uncomfortable to be packing around campus all day. Especially when you're rushing to class and everyone and their mother bumps into you. My iPhone video is not compatible with the video editing software I use so I generally don't risk using it. I randomly thought to myself that it would be nice to have a compact digital camera to capture these things on. I honestly have done zero research on compact digital cameras but I've heard the Nikon "J" series cameras are great? Suggestions?

Michael Kors Studded Wrap Watch- I bought a dinky black and rose gold watch from Forever 21 this year and have found myself wearing it non stop. I love the idea of this studded wrap watch from MK. It's so casual and not as bulky as a standard watch. I'm one of those girls who looks for pieces that can be styled with anything. I could definitely get a lot of use out of this gorgeous watch!

Nike Free 5.0- Another rando find. I can honestly say I've never owned a pair of tennis shoes that I liked. Right now I currently have two pairs of the Nike Dual Fusions, which are in perfectly good condition, I'm just a total brat and hate the way they feel. Especially when I run. It literally feels like they weigh my entire body down. So bulky?! I've tried the Free Run style on before and loved how light weight and natural they felt on.

Well, that's the spill and justification on why I want all of these things! But seriously, I think all beauty/fashion bloggers can relate to the Polyvore syndrome. My "can't stop-won't stop" mind set kicks in and all of a sudden I'm a peasant without anything in my life.

I hope you enjoyed my bit of sarcasm and Christmas Wish List shares!
Until next time...

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