Love, Shelbey: Every Tip You Want to Know About Bare Minerals

Monday, October 28, 2013

Every Tip You Want to Know About Bare Minerals

Hey guys! I posted a HUGE Bare Minerals tip video on my channel today and thought I'd share it here as well. I'm so bad at posting my videos on my blog for some reason!?

Some of you may or may nor know that I do work at a Bare Escentuals store. I've worked there for over two and a half years and can't believe how much knowledge I've retained over the products! I obviously fell in love! Over half of the YouTube videos I've made deal with Bare Minerals and I noticed that my subscription rate increased dramatically after I started focusing on tips and BM tutorials.

It seriously makes me so happy to see all of my subscribers tell me they come to my channel specifically for any questions about BM. So, I wanted to give all of my tips out on here as well! I get so many questions daily about the makeup so this was the best way to compile all of them for everyone to see :) Enjoy!

Thanks for reading and watching ;)

Until next time...

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