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Thursday, September 5, 2013

September Julep Maven Box: Modern Beauty

Hi guys! I received my September Julep Maven box last Saturday and I've been testing out the products I received to see how I liked them. 

Lately, with Julep, I've been more interested in their beauty products rather than their polishes. I think after collecting polishes over the past year that I've been subscribed to them, I want something different.

I was surprised to see two intriguing beauty products available in the "Modern Beauty" box for this month. The first thing that caught my eye was the "Blank Canvas" Mattifying Face Primer. I've never tried a "mattifying" face primer before so I figured it would be an awesome thing to try out (not to mention I had enough Jules to get a free box for the month...WOOT WOOT!) The next item I saw was the "Bare Face" Cleansing Oil. I was curious about this because I always hear people talk about "Bioderma" and wondered if it would be similar.

Here's what I thought about the products this month!

"Blank Canvas" Mattifying Face Primer
The consistency of this primer is different from any other primer I've tried in the past. It's rather thick. With it being a "mattifying" face primer, I guess I assumed it would be thin. It's almost a mixture of a silicone based primer and those moisturizing primers. It also smells like my Living Proof Hair Primer!? Which is crazy because they look the same! Even the packaging? Weird.... 

Anyways, I've been enjoying using this primer with my Tarte Maracuja Miracle 12 Hr. Foundation because it has a dewey finish and I feel like the mattifying primer tones it down just a tad. I've also noticed that my makeup does stay on well with it.

"Bare Face" Cleansing Oil
This stuff is a dream! I love it. I'm already a sucker for any type of moisturizing oil product for my face. This makeup removing cleanser is so unique because you actually rub it all over your skin DRY! Yes, you leave your makeup on, pump 2-3 pumps of the oil out, and directly apply it to your face. It's the strangest method ever. 

However, I did try it in the shower while my face was wet and it definitely did not work as well. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and it's even tough enough to remove my eye makeup (brownie points)

You can see how I use the Blank Canvas primer in my latest "Hydrating Makeup Routine" tutorial :)

Overall, I've really been enjoying using these products! Julep is definitely improving on their beauty selection each month :)

If you're interested in finding out more info on Julep, check out my link HERE.

Thanks for reading guys! 
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  1. I haven't heard of these brands before but they sound good. Brilliant video too.
    P.s: Loving the new blog layout :)