Love, Shelbey: NEW: Bare Minerals Touch Up Mineral Veils + Frame & Define Brow Pencils

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NEW: Bare Minerals Touch Up Mineral Veils + Frame & Define Brow Pencils

Happy Hump Day to all!

Today is a very special day for my family and I, we celebrate my mother's birthday! WOOT WOOT! A big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" goes out to my sweet mom. She's the kindest and silliest person I know and I don't know what I'd do without her. I love you, mom!

With that being said, today's post will actually cover my mother's (and myself) favorite makeup brand, Bare Minerals, of course! Bare Minerals just released their brand new "READY Touch Up Veils", now with color! They've also came out with brow pencils which is a first for them considering they've always had the brow powder. I wanted to share my thoughts over the newest products in case you all have been eyeing them - I know you have, who are we kidding ;)

"Light" READY Touch Up Veil
 The shade ranges for the new READY Mineral Veils are as followed: Translucent, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, and Deep. "Light" is the first actual "colored" veil out of the collection. The READY Touch Up Veils are $22 each

I noticed that the colored READY Veils seemed to be more "creamier" - now, don't get that confused with this being an actual cream product, because it's totally not. I just think the colored veils are more softer, I guess you could say.

"Light" vs. "Translucent"
Left: "Light" Veil / Right: "Translucent" Veil
WHOA, what a difference! (sarcasm) The "Light" veil is almost identical to the "Translucent". I notice a TINY difference when applied. Honestly, if you have the Translucent veil already, I'd stick with it or get a shade darker (if you're dying to try these) Only because, I don't think there's a dramatic difference in the two.

"Medium" READY Touch Up Veil
The "Medium" Touch Up Veil was said to be equivalent to the "Tinted" Touch Up Veil, which has now been discontinued. I completely have to disagree. If you were a "Tinted" Touch Up gal then I suggest you go for the "Tan" Touch Up Veil. The Medium shade gives me just the right hint of color and I wear Fairly Light (in READY Foundation) 

"Medium" Veil is a great choice for Lighter skintones to get just a hint of color. If you're more of a Medium skintone, this option will still work for you, just don't expect a huge amount of color pay off. If you weren't a fan of the Translucent Veil (some women think it gives them a white cast) then go for the Medium Veil!

"Medium" vs. "Translucent"
Left: "Medium" Veil / Right: "Translucent" Veil
Now we can see a difference! The Medium Veil is slightly darker from the Translucent and obviously gives a little more color to your face. Don't expect it to be near as dark as the Tinted READY Veil though!

"Medium" vs. "Tinted"
Left: "Medium" Veil / Right: Tinted Veil

Can we all agree that the "Medium" and "Tinted" Veils are on completely different planets? I would almost be willing to say that the Tinted Veil is two shades darker than the Medium.

Frame & Define Brow Styler (Universal Light)

WOOT WOOT! I'm so glad BM finally decided to come out with a brow "pencil". I was never a huge fan of the brow powder, mainly because I felt like it was the same thing as their loose eye shadow?

The Fram & Define Brow Stylers retail for $15 each.

As you can tell, the pencil is very thin. It's also a very hard consistency (which I love in a brow pencil) There's no cap for it either! You just twist it down and I suppose it manages to not dry out some how. 

This particular shade (Universal Light) is truly universal. Bare Minerals only came out with two shades, Universal Light and Dark. I normally use some shade of "Medium" in all brow pencils/powders which is why I was a little shocked to only see a "Light" and "Dark" choice. However, I feel like this color is perfect for my brows! Check back at some of my brow tutorials if you'd like to see my brow color more in depth.

The formula is definitely hard. I love it! It makes filling in my brows so easy because I don't have to worry about the pencil literally melting away when I apply it.

The "styler" also comes with a convenient brow spooly! BROWNIE POINTS! 

As you can see, the color isn't extremely pale but at the same time, not too dark. So strange but I love it!

PHEW! That was a looooong review! Was it worth it? I hope I gave you all an idea of what the new READY Veils are like. I wish I would have been able to get all of them to review! 

Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time...


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