Love, Shelbey: Lorac "Unzipped" Exclusive Sephora Kit

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lorac "Unzipped" Exclusive Sephora Kit

Hi everyone! Today I might just be sharing with you one of my most favorite makeup purchases EVER. I've been lusting over the Lorac "Unzipped" palette for probably a good year now. I could never force myself to pay $40 bucks for it (I think it was actually more when it first came out- don't quote me on that) Anyways, I was browsing Sephora online last week and discovered this genius Lorac set, which just so happened to come with the "Unzipped" palette!

Naturally, I couldn't resist. The set was $48 dollars, came with the full size palette, plus a gloss, bronzer, highlighter, eye primer, and makeup bag. SPLURGE....but totally worth it. The shadows are even more gorgeous in person! I can't handle it. So, I had to share this set with you guys in case you want to scoop it up before it's gone! :) Enjoy!

"Unzipped" Palette
New favorite palette....ever? Well...for right now, yes. I'm so in love with every color in this palette. There's not a shade in here that I wouldn't wear. All of the colors have a warm "earthy" undertone to them. If you're a rose gold lover then please do yourself a favor and get this set (palette). It's filled with rich golds, rose colors and even a mixture of the two. The colors are pigmented to the max and are so easy to blend. I can't say enough good things!

"Tantilizer" Lip Gloss in "Marco"
This gloss has such a unique look to it! I love the swirled colors. The actual color comes off almost like a light bronze, which sounds a little crazy but it's actually really wearable and perfect for fall in my opinion. The only thing I'm not loving is the scent. It's almost like an intense maple smell. Nothing like I've smelt before!

"Behind the Scenes" Eye Shadow Primer
The "Behind the Scenes" Shadow Primer comes with the "Unzipped" palette. I have to say, I'm a fan! I love thicker eye shadow primers with a skin tone color. I fell that they correct any darkness on the eyes and also hold shadows better. This primer is a gem and I'm so glad it came with the set.

Tantilizer Highlight & Matte Bronzer Duo
I was nervous to try the bronzer, seeing that it appears pretty dark. Surprisingly, it's not?! I was able to contour with it wonderfully. I even went back a couple times and layered it. The highlighter isn't very noticeable. It's definitely on the sheer side. However, I did apply it with a duo fiber brush so maybe I need to swap brushes out!

The Bag
I love the size of this bag. In a lot of value sets I feel like you receive a small bag that normally can't even hold all of the products. Luckily, this bag is a decent size and I did check to see if it would hold the items and I could ;)

The outside is obviously a snake-like finish. Very sleek and does have a handle on the top. I thought the makeup bag was a nice little bonus ;)

This is a look I did using the products in the set. I went for a soft mauve/rose gold eye and kept the contour very natural. The tutorial for this look will be up on my channel later this evening! you guys like the red? ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed! Here's a link to the Exclusive "Unzipped" Set!
I can't say enough good things about it! The shadows are definitely show stoppers!

Thank you for reading!
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