Love, Shelbey: Tarte Cosmetics Friends & Family Sale HAUL

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tarte Cosmetics Friends & Family Sale HAUL

Hello to all! It felt like Christmas morning when my Tarte package arrived yesterday! Since today is the last day of the Friends and Family Sale (unless they extend it) I wanted to share the products I purchased in case anyone is interested! 

If you aren't familiar with Tarte's Friends and Family sale then let me break it down for you in a nutshell - They give you 30% off ;)
If you've never tried Tarte I SO recommend it. This is the perfect time to give their makeup a try. Just use code "TARTEFF" at checkout to receive your discount. Plus you get free shipping over orders of $40!

Here's what I snagged!

"What Has Your Makeup Done for You Lately" kit
6 Piece High Performance Collection
  1. Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder in "Bronze"
  2. Maracuja Miracle 12-hr Foundation in "Light"
  3. Pure Maracuja Oil Roller Ball
  4. LipSurgence Lip Shine in "Wonder"
  5. "Gifted" Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara 
  6. ModernEYES Creaseless Shadow/Liner Duo in "Golden Beige"
Finishing Powder in "Bronze"
This reminds me of the Bare Minerals Bronzing Mineral Veil. It's very sheer and great for a light wash of color, especially if you have fair to light skin.

Maracuja Miracle 12-hr. Foundation
I was kind of surprised to see how liquidy this foundation is. I have the Tarte BB Cream and it's probably twice as thick as this foundation. I would say the coverage is light to medium. It's definitely not a full coverage product but it does feel nice and light on the skin. Not to mention, my boyfriend, Will, complimented me on my makeup today - must not have been too bad! haha

Pure Maracuja Oil
Again, I have another comparison to Bare Minerals - the Maracuja Oil is very similar to BM's Active Cell Renewal Serum only a tad bit oilier in my opinion. I'm excited to keep using this because it feels amazing on my dry skin!

LipSurgence Lip Shine
I haven't tried this color yet but I thought it was interesting that you have to sharpen it. I've never seen a LipSurgence you have to sharpen but it's convenient that you get a built in sharpener! 

Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara
YAY...a new mascara (which I completely do not need) haha This brush reminds me of the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara that I love. I would say it has more of a volumizing finish rather than lengthening. It feels super light on your lashes though!

Modern Eyes Creaseless Shadow and Liner
Three words...SMOOTH AS BUTTA!  I loved the shadow and liner both. They were extremely creamy and long wearing. I wouldn't mind having a couple more of these in my collection. The double ended side is perfect for your travel makeup bag!

Complexion Enhancing Lipstick "Fair-to-Light"
This was a last minute pick as I was checking out. I was browsing through the cleanrance section and they had just added it. I thought to myself, "complexion enhancing lipstick.... oh, what the heck *adds to cart*" I'm really glad I order it too! It's so smooth and moisturizing on the lips. The only thing is that it doesn't stay on for very long, I found myself reapplying it multiple times throughout the day.

Cream to Powder Bronzer in "Globe Trekker" with Brush
I was too excited when I found this! I've heard so much about the Chanel Bronze Universal but just couldn't see myself using it that often, much less paying $50 for a bronzer! This bronzer is described as a "cream to powder" formula and also comes with a nice large kabuki-like brush. I was so impressed with it! I was worried it would be too dark but it's actually PERFECT for my skin. Plus, it really does seem to mattify after applying. I'm loving it so far!

Maracuja Divine Shine Lipgloss in "Blissful"
I got this as an extra for my Tarte Token and I was so excited to try it because I've never tried their glosses! I love the click system they've got going on, that way I don't have to worry about getting too much product on the brush. The color is a gorgeous bright color and isn't sticky at all.

Amazonian Clay Bronzer in "Hotel Heiress"
If you've been reading my posts lately, you'll know that I've recently discovered my Tarte "Park Ave. Princess" bronzer which is the same as this one, only slightly redder in my opinion. I'm super excited to give this one a shot!

That's it! Finally, I know. I love that Tarte gives everyone the opportunity to try their products at an affordable price every year! Don't forget, use code "TARTEFF" at checkout if you're interested in giving their products a shot :)

You can check them out HERE 

Thanks for reading ya'll!
I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I still haven't tried Tarte! It must happen. Definitely want to try out one of their powders and concealer.

  2. I am crazy about Tarte yet I had no clue about this sale! I must do some shopping ASAP. You got some great things! I have Park Avenue Princess, but this bronzer looks like it would suit my skin tone way better.
    The Grass Skirt

    1. Oh goodness! You should have received an email :( I'm sorry! Hotel Heiress is a bit darker/redder in my opinion!

      Thanks for reading :)


  3. I looked at the website a millions times and wanted to order something so bad, but I spent all my makeup money! Everything you got look so nice. I'm a little jealous! :)

    1. I'm sure they'll do a great holiday sale! :) No worries!

      Thanks for reading!


  4. Hi Shelbey!
    I love ur blog and photohos. U r very beautiful and pretty girl..
    I hope you'll be very successful in blog and beauty. Following you now!Waiting for the new blog posts!

    Kisses and Loves from TURKEY Xx