Love, Shelbey: Mascara Paint Brush?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mascara Paint Brush?

Hi everyone! 
I've been such a bad blogger lately but if I can't put my all into a post then it's just not worth blogging.

However, today I managed to squeeze a little review in for ya! I'm sharing a little contraption my Mom and I just discovered from Avon, the "Mega Effects" mascara. Enjoy!

So, obviously this mascara is unlike any traditional design you've seen out there. It has the slight appearance of a paint brush when you take the cap off. After the handle is pulled out, you get a flat-like rubber bristled brush to use for combing through the lashes. The handle is also adjustable!

I have to say that this formula did not clump on me, even after 3-4 coats. It actually combed through my lashes very well AND separated them. I really didn't get "extreme" length or volume from it, but it did have a nice natural finish. 

The bristles remind me of Benefit's "They're Real!" mascara. They both have that rubber/spikey quality to them. The formula wasn't irritating to my eyes and it didn't flake on me, which is a plus. 

  • For some reason I felt like it was a lot harder to poke yourself in the eye with this type of brush. (woot woot!)
  • Separates amazingly 
  • Light weight formula
  • Natural Finish
  • The brush is pretty tough to pull out of the actual holder
  • Okay length
  • Hardly any volume
I have pretty sparse lashes so rarely does a mascara "wow" me. This little guy is neat though and may be worth a shot if you're looking into a new/unique mascara!

You can check out the Avon "Mega Effects" mascara HERE!

Thanks for reading, guys!

Have a great weekend!
Until next time...


  1. ooh this one looks good to try out!

  2. I have been so curious about this stuff. It's really unique. I love that it didn't clump on you!

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