Love, Shelbey: Outfits I've Failed to Post AKA Lame Mirror Shots

Monday, July 29, 2013

Outfits I've Failed to Post AKA Lame Mirror Shots

Hi everyone. The weekend went by way too quick. I've had constant anxiety hanging over me these past 5 days because my internet has been out and I haven't been able to post any tutorials on my channel and I've barely been able to post on here *tears* I wanted to throw a quick apology out there! I'm trying to get back into the groove. Tonight I'll be attending the Aero Rocks Fashion Event at my local Aeropostale. I'm super excited to be given this opportunity. I'll definitely snap pictures of the event and try to have them up this week!

Anyways, today I was browsing through my photos and deleting the enormous plethora I have when I noticed that I still had a lot of my "ootds" I post for Instagram, meaning the ones I don't have time to take on my Canon to post on here ha I thought it would be fun to share them? I mean let's face it, unless you're a full time blogger and don't have to dedicate yourself to school and work, it's hard to fit in a hardcore photo session for the blog everyday. 

I hope you like!

Scarf: Charlotte Russe//Tank, Skirt & Bag: TJ Maxx//Sandals: F21

This outfit is actually what I'm wearing today. obsessed with the flowy feel of the tank and maxi paired together! And for some reason, I've been loving scarves in the summer..probably because I stay inside at work for the majority of the day haha

Blue Blazer & Top: F21//Pants: H&M//Wedges: JustFab//Bracelet: Charlotte Russe//MK Bag: Ross

I feel like when fall finally arrives, I won't have any original outfits to post on here because I keep wearing them in the summer! Seriously, I normally love summer but this year just isn't the same. Will works over an hour away, I work 30+ hours a week, and I didn't plan a vacation to the beach. BOO! So now, I'm praying fall comes early (in Tennessee at least) Don't curse me haha

Peplum: F21//Shorts: Old Navy// Nude Flip Flops: Lauren Conrad//Sunnies: Walmart

Obviously, my peplum addiction is out of hand. I see one, I want it immediately. I think it's because the silhouette of the shirt itself flatters my body shape (petite and curvy) I would encourage everyone to give them a try!

Top & Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy//Belt: ? really old :( //Bracelets: F21// Flats: Target

This outfit is the perfect definition of my lazy girl style. I love how slouchy everything is but by adding the flats it still provides a tailored/feminine element. 

So, that's it for today's post. I hope ya'll aren't too irritated with my iPhone shots! Let me know if you'd like to see more monthly posts over the outfits I'm not getting to share on here. It's a lot easier to snap a mirror shot as I'm leaving for work than it is to shoot on the Canon for half an hour after I'm off work and looking rachet (awful slang, I know) but we all know fashion blogging takes a little more effort than the casual mirror selfie every now and then ;)

Until next time...


  1. all your outfits are adorable. I especially love the peplum top :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm peplum obsessed!


  2. All these looks are so great, Shelbey! I could definitely be found in all of these outfits any day :)