Love, Shelbey: Friday Face #1

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Face #1

Hi everyone! I'm sure we all have Friday fever right about now! 

I don't know what's gotten into me lately but I've been thinking of a lot if new posts for the blog and another series has stumbled upon me. My blog is a good mixture of beauty and fashion. It mainly started as beauty but quickly branched out. I would definitely say makeup is more around my area of "expertise" though.

So, I want to hopefully give you all a look at what beauty products I'm wearing on Fridays. I think this will give you some new ideas for products to try and I'll also be able to give my opinion on them. I have Thursdays and Fridays off for the summer so I'm hoping to be able to keep it up even when school starts back! Wish me luck!

Today's Products:

  1. Bare Minerals READY Foundation "Medium"- Lately I've really been loving the hydrating benefits of the READY foundation! It gives my skin a natural finish without making me look dry.
  2. Clinique CC Cream "Light"- I normally don't use cream products, especially with my BM foundation. But today I wanted a little bit of extra coverage and I surprisingly liked the combo!
  3. Tarte "Park Avenue Princess" Bronzer - I forgot how much I loved this bronzer. I just grabbed it out of my makeup storage drawer this morning and thought I'd switch my Physician's Form. bronzer out for it, and I'm glad I did! I'ts great for contouring but also gives you a subtle glow.
  4. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12. hr. Blush "Doll Face" - I feel like when I use the Tarte bronzer, I immediately have to use Tarte blush. Since I went for a natural pink look today, I chose "Doll Face"'s extremely pigmented so keep a light hand on it ;)
  5. Yes to Carrots Lip Butter "Berry" - I got this little chapstick yesterday in a value pack of the Yes to Cucumber soothing facial towelettes (love those) The taste is a little odd but it's very smooth and creamy!
  6. Cover Girl Flipstick "Whisper"- I went out and bought this solely because I saw Kate from The Small Things Blog demo it in one of her posts. It looked amazing on her! I've really been wanting to try the Flipsticks but all of the shades seemed to be remotely similar by appearance so I was never sure of which one to get. I'm so glad I saw it on her because she totally sold it.
  7. Bare Minerals READY Duo "The Top Shelf" - This is BM's best selling duo, and for a good reason. It is so amazingly pigmented and even though it's powder, it feels velvety and creamy when it goes on. The Top Shelf comes with a gorgeous cream highlight and a VERY bronzey gold shadow (so close to MAC's "Wood Winked" shadow) I love it! Especially for summer.
  8. E.L.F. Brow Kit "Medium"- We all know how much I love the ELF Brow Kit ;) Self explanatory if you've read my past two posts!
  9. Bare Minerals "Lash Domination" Mascara - It's growing on me, I will say. After demoing it on YouTube I got bashed by so many of its lovers telling me I was applying it wrong lol Maybe I was doing it wrong....
  10. Maybelline Master Drama Eye Liner "Brown"- I wouldn't say this eye liner is my absolute favorite. I prefer Rimmel ScandalEYES or Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on...but I couldn't find either of them for this look!? *Makeup reorganization is definitely in need.
  11. Urban Decay Mood Dust Shadow "Space Cowboy"- This is the most luxurious eye shadow I probably own. It's so unique and sparkly, I fall in love every time I touch it!
The Look:
I mainly used the lighter part of the Cover Girl Flipstick. I wanted more of a baby pink finish. The eyes are classic and simple, nothing dramatic at all. I did do a little more contouring than usual but I think that's because I was excited to be using Tarte's bronzer again ;)

I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend and enjoyed this post! Let me know what you're wearing on Fridays! :)

Until next time...


  1. You're so pretty! I love your makeup look. I use the same blush and bronzer. :)

    The Grass Skirt

  2. Great summer look! A girlfriend of mine has urban decay Space Cowboy eyeshadow, and every time she wears it I ask what it is bc it is so pretty! I just need to get some already!!! Thanks for sharing Shelby!

  3. Have you tried the physicians formula bb cream?

  4. How are you able to use so many different colors of foundation while still applying it to look so natural! It seems like you've used every shade in the light/medium ranges... What's your secret?

    1. Well, I self tan on and off, mostly in the summer so I normally go with Medium or Medium Beige - both similar, but with different undertones. I also have a neutral undertone to my skin which I think allows me to get away with most undertones! However, I normally stay away from golden undertones because I think they look the most noticeable on my skin. It's weird, right now I can pretty much wear anything from Fair to Fairly Medium. I think it's all about adjusting your accessory products to match also (blush, bronzer, etc.)