Love, Shelbey: L'oreal Revitalift Eye Treatment: First Time Thoughts

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

L'oreal Revitalift Eye Treatment: First Time Thoughts

Hi everyone! I feel as if lately, I've really been into my beauty/skincare reviews and posts. Lately, I've been on the hunt for an outstanding firming/anti-wrinkle eye cream (feel free to list your best recommendations...seriously, I'm begging you ha ha)

I feel completely overwhelmed by all of the options out there so I decided to start on the drugstore end of eye creams. After trying the Firming Eye Cream and Renew and Hydrate Eye Cream by Bare Minerals, I really enjoyed the Firming cream best (out of the two) but I wanted a cream that would help reduce wrinkles and also prevent them in the future. So, I stumbled upon the L'oreal Revitalift Double Lifting Eye Treatment at Walmart today while I was shopping with my Mom.

My Mom has also been looking for a "life changing" eye cream. So when I picked this one out from the shelf it seemed pretty reasonable in price (around $14) and also had A LOT of "claims". My Mom is convinced that anything with Siloxane peptide in it is supposed to have the best results. When I saw the L'oreal eye treatment, it did contain a similar strand of what she had been mentioning. Naturally, we got it. 

I want to keep doing updates on the progress of this product just in case it does turn out to be phenomenal! I used my Mother as an example in this post. I hope you enjoy!
  • The eye treatment claims that "you will be able to see instant results in 1 minute"
  • Dramatic/permanent results in as little as 4 weeks
  • Immediately reduces appearance of dark circles
  • Hydrates and soothes upon application
  • Visibly lift the appearance of eye lids
Other Info:
  • The treatment contains two separate serums/moisturizers 
  • One side is an "Under Eye Anti-Wrinkle Cream" the other side is a "Upper Eye Lifting Gel"
  • $14

Before L'oreal Eye Treatment
I personally do not think my Mom has a huge problem with wrinkles. She is mostly concerned about crows feet and lifting the eye area. This is the before shot.

After L'oreal Eye Treatment 
We waited about 3 minutes before we took the photo (two minutes more than the suggested time to see results). We both agreed that there was not a visible difference in the actual "lift" of her eye lids. Secondly, the larger line extending from the end of her eye was barely reduced. 

I did notice a bit of change in the smaller lines. Overall, nothing that we could notice "instantly"

I also tried the product. My main focus is on fine lines which are developing directly ender my lash line and extend outward. Even though they aren't extremely visible, I would like to keep them under control for the future ha ha 
I had the same reaction- Nothing changed instantly.

Hopefully as the weeks go by I will be able to keep you all updated (if you even want me to) this is just my first impression/experience with the product.

I hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to leave your recommendations below!

Until next time...


  1. Ooh, I like how you did the before and after. Great honest review.

    Found you via Style Elixir. Come link up with me at Watcha Wearing Wednesday

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I'm checking it out right now! ;)


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