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Wednesday, June 12, 2013



Yes? No? Iffy?
Chances are the last time you visited the mall you probably saw someone rocking the Harems. Ah, yes, it all makes sense to you now! The girl who you thought was trying to bring back the parachute pants is suddenly being identified as a trend setter. Wait? What?

I'll have to admit, the first time I noticed these trouser-type pants with crazy patterns, I was a little concerned we might be taking too many steps back to the 80's (not that I was alive then- it's just the image my mind has created from collective photos of family members and famous 80's icons) Needless to say, the last time I made a trip to Forever 21, I spotted a pair of the infamous Harems and couldn't help but stop and think "Could I seriously pull these off?" My Mom thought I was crazy.

These pants are seriously the perfect combination of all kinds of wrong.....but it's right?! A little bit of mom jean, a dash of high waist, just a sprinkle of elastic waist band, and VOILA! You have yourself a pair of Harem pants!

FOREVER 21 Dash Print Harem Pants
I'll be honest... half of the time I really just want to dress like a bum. Loose, casual, and comfortable. I think that may be why I am so drawn to these. If only I would have taken the plunge a few weeks ago and grabbed a pair! However, I'm almost willing to bet that these guys are going to make a run into Fall fashion as well. As for the prints, some I'm okay with, some...not so much. The black and white pair I've photoed above are totally doable in my closet. The bright pink elastics, ha, I'm not that big of a dare devil yet.

So... what are your thoughts on the Harems? 

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  1. Love harem pants but I'm just not sure if the style would fit me. The pink one is cute, though :)

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  2. I tried on that exact pair from Forever 21. I mean, they looked okay, but it just felt weird wearing baggy pants like that. They kind of remind me of really fancy pajama bottoms.

    1. I'd say they would be an adjustment if you are used to jeans! haha


  3. I have some harem pants from F21 and love them! I even wear then to work all the time as my "dress pants."