Love, Shelbey: April 2013 Ipsy Bag

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 2013 Ipsy Bag

Hello everyone! I'm back with my monthly Ipsy review. Enjoy!

The Bag
Do you see something wrong with this picture? 
The theme of the overall bag this month was "Pretty in Pink", yet my bag is blue/green floral.

I did receive a notice from Ipsy saying my bag wasn't up to "quality" which is why I didn't receive the original white and pink bag for this month. They also said they would be sending it next month with my May Ipsy shipment so we'll see how that goes! 

I'm honestly not too concerned. I didn't even have this bag they sent me, so not a problem!

Be a Bombshell blush in "Sweet Cheeks"
Another product from "Be a Bombshell"! Every time Ipsy has sent a product from this company it has been full size, which I like. I'm wondering if this brand was specifically designed for Ipsy? Just my curiosity rambling!

I love this blush color. It is VERY similar to my all time favorite blush by Bare Minerals, "Hint". You guys know what a fan I am of Hint! This specific color is called "Sweet Cheeks" and it retails for $16. So this blush basically paid for the bag, and then some. I love the luminous finish it has. 

Sation Nail Lacquer "Of Corset I'll Call You"
I really love the overall look of this polish. It's a nice size and has a sleek design. When I searched this product, the bottles looked completely different so I'm assuming this was the specific design for Ipsy. 

I also noticed that Sation did not have a unique brand website. I could only find it on random retailers which was odd. However, the color is cute. I'm not a huge fan of pale pink but I'll give it a shot!

The original Sation nail polishes retail for $1.69

Mica Beauty eye shadow "Earth"
Mica Beauty is another familiar face of Ipsy. I believe I already have a similar eye shadow color by them which I received a few months ago in an Ipsy bag.

The shadow color is obviously a loose pigment mineral shadow. It has a pink undertone but comes off pretty neutral. The color is called "Earth" which is kind of odd but I'm not the product namer haha The shadow itself retails for $14.95 on the website and is full size.

Healthy Sexy Hair "Soy Renewal"
I absolutely love the Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Soy Wheat Leave in Conditioner so I was very excited to see what this guy was about. This is the "Soy Renewal" which says it's a "nourishing styling treatment" so I'm assuming it's somewhat of a leave in conditioner.

This is a mini size but definitely not a sample size so I can appreciate that for sure. I can't wait to give it a shot! 

Despite the problems with my bag, I would have to say the products this month definitely met the $10 mark! Hope you all enjoyed!

If you're interested in Ipsy, you can check them out HERE

Until next time...

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