Love, Shelbey: Updated Makeup Storage

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Updated Makeup Storage

Hello to all! It's a gloomy Tuesday and I was pondering on what to blog about. I remember a few people requesting a video on how I store my makeup. Well, to be honest, it's nothing fancy! I felt a blog post would be the best way to show you how I store my makeup in a 1 bedroom apartment! Shout out to all of my college women! ;) Enjoy!

Mascara Drawer

Every Day Makeup
  • For my every day makeup I keep all of my products in this little "Thirty-One" Damask print caddy. It's so convenient and holds everything I need for day-to-day makeup.
  • Speaking of day-to-day makeup, every month I switch out products in the bag (unless they are my staple products) so I can use up things that have been in my collection for quite some time. It's a great way to rediscover old products too!
  • Here's a few products I have been using up this month! Of course, the BM foundation and Tarte BB cream are always staples. However, I'm trying out the Maybelline "Great Lash" brow gel and Benefit "They're Real!" mascara this month!

Every Day Brushes
  • My everyday brushes consist of Bare Minerals, Real Techniques, Tarte, Soho, and of course, ELF.
  • Again, nothing fancy! The leopard print jars are actually candle holders from Hobby Lobby and were given to me as a gift. The holder in the middle was part of a brush collection Bare Minerals had a few years ago. It snapped in half so you could use the two ends as holders (I lost the other half haha)

Closet Storage
  • Along with my Birch Boxes, Glam Bags, and Julep Boxes, I store all of my seasonal and special occasion makeup items in my closet.
  • The storage drawers I use are all from Walmart. The Brand is called "Sterilite". The large drawer on the left is hands down the biggest life saver of all time! It holds massive amounts of makeup and was only $12!
  •  My top drawer consists mostly of eye palettes or sets that I haven't opened.

  •  My second drawer is filled with every type of face product you could imagine (blush, foundation, highlighter, primer, BB cream, concealer, moisturizer, and Mineral Veil)

  • As if this drawer isn't already obvious haha. I'm a total lip junkie! I keep all of my lipsticks, stains, balms, and lip pencils stashed here!

Lip Glosses
  • I will admit that half of my glosses are still tucked away in my purses or laptop case I lug around to class!

Single Shadows, Mascara, etc.
  • I keep most of my eye products in the bathroom so they are more convenient to reach for. I also got this small drawer at Walmart. I keep single shadows, mascaras, eye primer, eye lash curlers, eye liners, and sharpeners in it.

  •  My top drawer is mainly loose pigment shadows. I also keep any eye shadow that comes in a pot in this drawer.

  • You can never have too many mascaras! My most recent combo is Rimmel "ScandalEYES" and Benefit "They're Real!"

  • Last but not least is my primer, eye liner, and brow drawer. I'll be honest, most of the stuff in this drawer I don't reach for often. These are more of my "back up" products!

That's it!
I hope you all enjoyed this. I know it's not anything fancy but I just wanted to give you some tips or ideas if you don't have a special room dedicated to makeup or a makup table/vanity. It's all good! Do your own thing! ;)



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