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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Boutique of the Week: The Rage

Hello everyone! It's here! The series I've been promising will finally be displayed today!

Each week I will introduce a new boutique by featuring their latest styles, trends, and accessories. I hope everyone is as excited as I am! 

I wanted to bring more fashion elements into my blog rather than just using my own. I also love working with different companies and thought this would be the perfect way to display some of the latest and greatest boutiques and fashion trends out there! So, without further ado.....

MEET "The Rage" Boutique

About "The Rage"
Photos Courtesy of "The Rage"

The Rage is a contemporary ladies apparel boutique located in Mena, Arkansas. After two years in business, the company found its customer base growing dramatically. They offer trendy styles at affordable boutique prices. Another great thing about The Rage is that they receive new shipments almost daily to keep their line of clothing current and in-style.

The ladies at The Rage pick every item with their customers in mind. If they don't know how to wear it, or wouldn't pick it out for their own closet, it doesn't get ordered for the store. The Rage wants every customer to find a piece that they are genuinely going to love and wear all of the time. 

Meet the Staff



Q&A with Laci:

1. Is there a specific style or theme your boutique has?
Laci: We love anything that is wearable and CUTE! We tend to go with very vibrant colors and prints to stand out in the crowd. We don't like what we sell to be too complicated though...if we don't know how to wear it (or wear under it) we don't order it! :)

2. What are your current best selling items, clothing and accessory-wise?
Laci: Our best sellers right now are any items from our 'Straight-Forward' collection. There are shirts and dresses available in that collection and they all run an even race on how fast they sell out! The off-the-shoulder look is a must this season!

3. What are your latest spring items to arrive at the boutique?
Laci: Our latest spring arrivals will actually be posted later today..A mix of peplum details and more off-the-shoulder looks.

4. Any spring/summer patterns you're finding to already be popular?
Laci: Floral! Floral is everywhere for spring and summer in a multitude of color tones. We have already offered many floral tops and dresses but will continue to receive more and more as the weather warms up.

5. What are some of your personal favorite trends/styles for the upcoming spring and summer? Any recommendations for readers and customers?
Laci: My personal favorite trend is probably the hi-low tops and dresses. I don't like them to be too drastic, but I honestly feel that it looks much more flattering on many body types than expected. I was so against it when I first saw it, but I have really warmed up to it and even own a couple pieces! If you're not crazy about the hi-low, that's okay. We have plenty of other precious things to browse through!

Latest Arrivals at "The Rage"

Laci was right when she said floral was a popular pattern right now! The two floral print dresses shown above are perfect for spring and summer. Just the right amount of color and texture, but not too overwhelming!
Oh, and who isn't on board with the peplum trend this season? I love how you can wear the peplum top as casual or for more of a sophisticated look. The leopard print on these peplum tops give such a fun flair! Definitely a piece that will catch your eye!

Interested in "The Rage"?
At this point, how can you not be?! 
No worries if you aren't in the Arkansas area! The Rage offers a wonderful online store to accommodate  their out-of-state customers! They ship anywhere within the US from $6-$10 depending on the weight of your order. 
If your a small town girl like me, it's probably harder to access cute and stylish clothes for your everyday wardrobe. The Rage would be thrilled to have you as a customer and can help you with any questions you may have!

Check out The Rage & their online store here:



The Rage's Sister Store:

A big thanks to Laci, at The Rage for giving me some great info and advice to pass along to you all for this week's "Boutique of the Week" post!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about The Rage! Please check them out if you're in need of a new spring and summer wardrobe! I know they can help you find what you're looking for!

Until next time...

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