Love, Shelbey: Anastasia Brow Wiz

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Hi everyone! I was originally planning on doing this post tomorrow since I slacked today and slept in and did a mid-day work out on my last day off....BUT I decided to just do a late night post instead! I'm sure that's no problem for my night owls ;)

Today I wanted to review the oh-so infamous Anastasia Brown Wiz. This little high end mechanical brow pencil has created quite some hype in the beauty community, and for $21, it definitely has some expectations to live up to!

Brow Wiz
 For starters, I got my color in "Medium Ash". I purchased the Brow Wiz at Ulta because for some reason, they had a larger selection of colors than Sephora did. I was pretty pleased with the color. The Brow Wiz comes in Ash Blonde, Brunette, Medium Ash, Caramel, Ebony, and Soft Brown.

I have to say that the pencil consistency was not what I was expecting. For some reason I was expecting the color pay off of these to be bold (probably because I'm used to a traditional khol brow pencil) However, they almost seem dry when you swatch them. The point of these pencils is to give the actual appearance of thin hairs. Hence why the actual pencil itself is so thin and probably dryer.

I love the double ended concept. At least when you run out of the brow pencil, you'll still have the brow spooly! The packaging is nice and very convenient as well!

Before & After
Okay, let me start out by saying that I didn't wear makeup for these photos so you can see the true color of my brows and the brow pencil.

Now, I have to admit, the pencil did a great job of mimicking my natural hairs. You have to make small strokes in order to get the hair-like effect. I'm still getting used to the thinness of the pencil as well. I'm used to using Jordana "Fabu-Brow" (which is still great in my opinion). 

Overall, I'm liking the Brow Wiz. I'm still on the fence whether I would pay $21 for it again but I guess we'll see in time if it grows on me. Some things just stick with you! Right now I'm just playing around with it! For a girl with some pretty uneven brows, it's handling them well!

That's all for this evening's post!
You can purchase Anastasia's Brow Wiz HERE
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